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Mandy is in her second year of international business , hoping to get out of the small sleepy town in Kansas where she has lived her whole life. When a new business owner comes to town, he was not what Mandy exspected. Mandy get's into a mess of problems. She will be faced with many truth's she wasn't ready for.

It was a typical Monday for Mandy, as she walked to her cubicle in the call center she worked at. In the small town of Kane where everyone knew everything, she was no stranger to the gossip. The whispers floated past her ears and she reached her desk, but as usual she ignored them. She had been working For Sunny Telecommunications for almost five years, while she was in her second year of night school for international business. Mandy logged on her computer just as Cindy leaned over her cubicle.

"Hey girl, heard about Saturday night," she giggled. The truth was everyone heard about Saturday night, hence the unwelcome whispers when I arrived.

"Um Yeah, wonder how long this rumor is going to circulate?" I said in a low voice.

The thing was, I had really bad luck at picking troubled men. So it was no surprise that I caused a scene at the Steak and More, when Jeff told me he was getting back with Teresa. I mean he had it coming, I had heard rumors about them sneaking around town together for weeks. So I may have over reacted a little when I turned his plate of spaghetti upside down over his head. Really, why take someone out to diner just to break up with them? This town was already the rumor mill, that's all they need is another reason to keep my name in their mouths.

"Who cares girl, he deserved it. I told you he was no good anyway," Cindy reminded me. We both returned to our work, we would catch up in detail at lunch. I have known Cindy since the eighth grade, and our mothers were really close too. Cindy was a bit on the chunky side, but still very attractive. She had no trouble attracting men, though she was content being single.

Living in a smaller town didn't leave many options when it came to men or entertainment. We had an old drive in theater, a dance hall, and few few hole in the wall bars. There is also the construction of the new water park, which the city is hoping will attract business to our small town on Kane, Kansas.

Lunch couldn't some any sooner, Cindy and I took out usual spot outside under the oak tree. We took turns bringing lunch, today was mine. I cheated and stopped by the corner store on the way in, I grabbed some prewrapped chicken salad sandwiches and a bag of lays potato chips.

"So give me the scoop," Cindy asked as I unpacked out lunch.

I handed her the sandwiches and began, " Well I knew the two timing jerk was being unfaithful, but I didn't really want to be alone. I was going to let it slide

but, he left me no choice." Cindy busted out with laughter and I turned to see what had caught her attention, as I saw Teresa walk by. Oh yes did I forget to mention she works here as well?.

Small town not many job opportunities, that is why I plan on getting out of here once I finish school. I would love to go to Europe or Hong Kong, I bet it's beautiful. Any where miles from here would be more inviting.

"Hello earth to Mandy," I snapped out of thought at CIndy's voice.

"I'm sorry what here you saying, " I giggled.

Cindy was telling me how she heard that Teresa had been seen with Jeff's brother Matt not even a week ago. There were all cozy at the drive in movies, and Jeff was no where around. I am telling you small towns are known for getting in other people's lives, like it or not.

The rest of the day sailed by, and as much as I was looking forward to class I was exhausted. I didn't get much sleep last night due to the fact my mother had friends over for book club. My mother was a simple women, she was involved in the town. She turned the other ear at the gossip at all costs. Her and I were close, and she didn't need gossip because I always told her every thing-well the important parts.

My father died of a heart attack when I was five, and she never remarried. I don't remember much about him, it was sixteen years ago after all. I wish mom would find someone, she deserves another shot at happiness. Cindy and I have tried to play match maker, but she says she has her hands full with city council.

I was hoping to get in a quick nap before class, but when I got home Mrs. Parker from next door was there. Mom had asked me to make up a picture of lemonade for them, and join them on the front porch. Apparently Mrs. Parker had some big news to tell us. So after fifteen minutes passed, I joined them with a tray of lemonade in hand.

"What's the big new Cathy?" my mother asked.

"Well, you know my sister Alison up in Kansas city?" she asked. My mother nodded and she continued, "Well her husband passed away, and so her and my nephew are moving here next week. I didn't see what was so good about that news until her next statement. "They are taking the inheritance money and opening up a Casino," She finished. I knew The Parker's came from money, but wow this meant even more business to town. We chatted all the way up until it was time to leave for school.

As I was walking to my car Mrs. Parker called after me, "Oh and Mandy her nephew is about your age, and quite the gentleman."

Oh great that's all I need now is the neighbor playing match maker for me. I loaded my book bag into the car and drove off. I was hoping school went fast, because it has been a long day.

The End

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