Victoria tries to skip gym


 At gym Julia and Jessie were waiting eagerly for something or someone. When Coach Mason came along, Julia and Jessie were talking to here giving her a disgusted face. I walked a bit closer to hear, but not to be noticed.

" Coach Mason," Julia started. " Victoria has caught an awful sickness! Very rare and spread-full."  Jessie nudged Julia's stomach which meant to me Stupid.

Coach Mason looked at Jessie who was biting her lip slightly. Then Coach said to Julia, " What sickness was it dear?" 

Jessie and Julia exchanged looks and Julia smiled nervously, " It's called...called...Skipgym-i-osis." Coach Mason looked surprised. Jessie gave Julia a great kick in the ankle and Julia winced and looked up at Coach and said,

" Yes, Skipgym-i-osis, now she has a terrible cough and...feels..barfy! Yes! Very barfy and coughy. The only cure is 5 cupcakes a day and a teaspoon of sugar. 12 teaspoons."

Just then Victoria was sneaking past the gym wall. Her large belly bouncing up and down. If I told, she'd get Jessie to pulverize my face. If only.

Luckily, Julia was dumb enough to say " Hey! Vicky! There you are! I thought you had Skipgym-i-osis?! Good thing you don't cause----oh darn."

Jessie smacked her arm and Victoria ran to the exit. Coach Mason gave her 2 weeks of detention and for Jessie and Julia.

Plus, Victoria got dragged back to the gym and did 50 push-ups.  She couldn't even get past 2.

The End

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