Trying on a new sock


 No muffin, my mind said. Muffin Shumffin, Other Mind said. Muffins are GOOD they're blueberry like said Mind. Shush your mouth, Olivia's walking she just might hurt herself! Other Mind said.

Feeling muffin-less and sad, I walked to the academy clothes shop section. Many stores were in the hall. T-shirts, pencils, stickers, glue sticks that were really fireworks (which the teachers didn't know), and clothes.

I picked a store called Socks-alot and roamed around the many racks of socks. The reason we have these stores because Lakewood is one of the richest awesome-est academies.

 I searched for a nice pair of socks. Red won't do. Nor yellow or blue. I saw Victoria with Julia and Jessie trying on socks. If she didn't like them, Victoria would spit in them and squish it around. Then, watching her, she chose a neon pink and white socks than reached to her fat, fat thighs. Julia and Jessie chose the same.

  I looked around the bronze painted walls and saw a Frog-Clock that pointed to 7:35. At 7:45 I had to leave for Gym so I quickly decided on a white socks that reached to my knees, that Victoria didn't spit in.

The End

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