I fancy a nice muffin.


Marcie was sitting on her bed. Clipping her toenails. That might not seem perfect, but everyone has to do it one time in there life, or more.

" Hi Marcie," I said waving low, around my hip. She looked up from her toes and smiled. " Hello." she said. And went back to clipping. I walked to my white marble mini-table and took a neon pink hair brush and began brushing my hair. Marcie finished her last toe and threw away the clippings. She sat back down on her stainless white bed and looked at me.

" What have you been doing Olivia?" Marcie asked. Wiggling her toes.

" Oh," I said. " just feeding Bagel and the animals."

Marcie groaned slightly. Then she said to me, " Why are you always out with those animals?"

" Because." I said. Straight forward.

" Alright then time for lunch."

  At lunch we ordered a slice of peperoni pizza and some apple juice. Marcie and I ordered the same thing. When we reached the snack bar I saw Marcie grab a blueberry muffin.

I fancy a muffin I thought to myself. I walked over to the snack bar with the tray in my hands and was about to take the muffin until Victoria Hubman pushed me aside and snatched the muffin. She made a " Ha-ha-you-wet-your-pants" face and walked away with her two friends. I walked to a table with Marcie and and began eating my pizza.

 Victoria Hubman was probably the meanest girl in Lakewood. Probably the fattest too. She weighed 50 pounds more than us skinny girls. Rumor has it that she eats four Mega-Bags of Cheese Puffz everyday. Victoria had the lightest shade of brown colored hair and the deepest shade of brown for eyes. She had a light arrangement of freckles that spread across her nose.

Victoria had two friends. Julia Nova. The dumbo in the school. She thinks a printer is a Canada dance move.  Victoria's other friend is Jessie Shades. She was an average Lakewood girl. Not too shabby. The thing that made her one of the Victorias is that she's the 5th most strongest girl. So if Victoria is in trouble with another girl, Jessie is there to pulverize their spleens.


The End

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