Small Shoes

" Dainty Toes" she says, " with eyes as brown as chocolate,"
" Pretty, silky, brown wavy hair." Marcie adds in.
" Colorful attitude." she says again.
I smile and look up at her. She smiles back.
" Olivia."


" Corn pieces hung on a string, and cast into seaaa..." I sang cheerfully as I cast four strings of corn pieces into our goose infested lake.  " Oh how dainty toes and colorful noses I may see..."

I plucked blades of grass and tied them into a knot, I watched the little baby geese swim across the lake and nibble at the corn. " Quack, quack!" I giggled to the little goose. He honked and swan away with the corn placed in his mouth.

" How many geese oh can you see before the all swim away?" I sang quietly as I counted geese in a little huddle. When I reached 12 they all dispersed, gliding across the lake honking their noisy honks.

   I opened the plastic Zip-Lock container and spilled out birdseed in my lap. I bundled it in my hands and went around the lake, sprinkling birdseed around the rims.  After I left the rims of the lake alone, many different birds came flying out of tall trees and from bushes. They scampered to the ground and began pecking at the birdseed.

I collected my things and said good-bye to all the animals. Especially Bagel. Bagel was a small squirrel that always hid in the trunk of an old oak tree. I named him Bagel because the first time I was here having my own very picnic I packed a nice toasty bagel with cinnamon sprinkles. Bagel lunged from the tree when I set it down and began sliding it away with his mouth. I let him have it. He seemed like a nice little fellow. Squirrel that is.

  When I left, I went rushing to the building. I lived at an all girls academy. Lakewood Academy. All girls.

  Our headmaster, Miss Chandle, had all gave us rooms to share with another girl. I ran to my room. Walking past teachers. And busted into my room.   Marcie Najor was my roommate. 

Marcie had blond hair. Silky and curled up. Perfect in every sort of way. Her eyes were the golden type of blue. Perfect. She wore a ruby red hairband with little squiggles of gold. In the middle of the band was a soft leather like rose. Pink like her lips. She wore the academy uniform. A black skirt and a black jacket, underneath, a white blouse. We wore knee white socks and shiny black dress shoes. But we changed for gym time.  Marcie had an angel's voice, soft and warm. Just like her.  Absolutely Perfect.

The End

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