The Plan in Action: Hope for small lifeMature

Later that day the letter was sent to house of BackStrike,  Frost-Lilly LightHand BackStrike daughter ran over to her with the letter. "Mommy! Mommy!" She cried running over to her mom on the couch with her father.

"What is it sweetheart?" Anthony asked Frost, cuddling his beloved wife who he simple adored with everypart of his being. Frost-Lilly looked at them, handed her mom the letter before running off again. BackStrike opened the letter, begain to reading it. She stopped in silence while Anthony was still cuddling and nuzzling her. The letter read:

Dear Mrs BackStrike CurseWing (LightHand)

I am writting to you, to inform you that we have found your first birth child. Virgo Scorpio, she is recovering slowly from her abusive father. If you KNOW for certian that Virgo was your first child please write back to me, we shall prepare a first meeting for you two. Virgo will need to go to the doctors until you reply to this message.  I have provided some infomation on Virgo for you.

Name: Virgo Scorpio (HopeFully ether LightHand's or CurseStrike)

Age: 8 Months (Will be Nine 9 months next month)

Father: Sadly..BloodHawk Scorpio

Likes: Warm Baths, Laughing of others, Music, Colour Light Blue

Dislikes: Her Birth Dad, Loud Nosies, Fighting

Please Reply ASAP. Its Urgent!

Yours Truthly,

BrightHawk Scorpio

BackStrike took few minutes before turning to her husband, suddenly crying to him. Anthony was shocked, he picked up the letter and began to read it for himself to see what upset his wife so much. Anthony smiled after reading, began to calm his wife down, running his hands though her silk like hair."Shh my beloved, shh" He calmed her, she slowly stopped crying within a couple of minutes.

"W-we have to get her Anthony...She our baby now" BackStrike turned to him, her eyes blood red from crying. Anthony just smiled at her before nodding to her wish. "I shall gather some troops to go collect her my beloved I promise I shall get her back, for you. Now please no more crying you spoil you beauitful looks" BackStrike smiled at that, kissed his lips slowly as Anthony wrapped his hands around her, he pressed his lips against her embracing in each other.

MeanWhile, back at the Scopio Base. DeathHawk is placing Virgo into her baby carryer. Virgo giggled happily and cooed incoccently up at him, DeathHawk smiled at her lifted up the baby carryer and loaded it onto his horse before mounting.  Virgo giggled more but slightly louder. DeathHawk galloped off towards the medics place, faster and faster but always keeping an eye on Virgo as she giggled. As they approached the medic bay, Virgo slowly stopped giggling and went silent.

"Ah DeathHawk, you brought the baby again for me" Spencer the Head Medic poiletly welcomed them in, taking Virgo in her carryer to his special medical room. Virgo made no sound again, she shock violently.

"Shh little one, Spencer wont hurt you" Death Hawk tried to calm her down.  Meanwhile, Anthony was on his to gather up his paladins for returning the baby to his beloved wife who he would do anything for. They had fought side by side since they meet together.

The End

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