The Hunt, The Plan and Devotion of So FewMature

Virgo cried louder and louder for her mother, BrightHawk picked her up and started to work harder and harder looking for her mom. Then after four hours...four long hard hours. Mircale! Success! He found her.

Name: BackStrike CurseWing

Married: Yes

Name of Husband: Anthony LightHand

Number of Children: 6 Adpoted Children and 8 Birth Children

BrightHawk stared at the screen in amazment, then looked at Virgo in his arms. "Shh baby, I've found her now. All we need to do if send her a letter, asking her if we can speak to her first to make sure if she is your birth mother first. Then fill in adpotion papers for Anthony then you're home free of BloodHawk"

Virgo cooed happily at that, her little body shock more violent. Her pain was getting worse and worse by the day. DeathHawk was preparing a small bag for Virgo on her second trip of the day to the medical bay. He pumped up his guns, reloaded them twice over, sharpen his swords and placed his armour on slowly. "Virgo baby, come to DeathyHawk, we need to get you ready"

Virgo slowly climbed down from BrightHawk, crawled over to him. DeathHawk picked her up, slowly walked to the bathroom to run her a warm and anti soap bath. Virgo giggled queitly in his arms, her giggle was nearly silent it was that queit. She has got new hope now, she knew her mom was still alive. DeathHawk, began to run the bath and undress little Virgo. Her body...covered in scars, brusies and burnet marks. DeathHawk sighed at them, started to pick out the small spilteners from her body after that, he slowly laid her in on his lap and added cold water to the bath. Steam was good for Virgo chest problems since Blood was constant smoker hence the burns on her body.

"Nearly there now Virgo, do you want your bath toys?" DeathHawk asked her calmly, knowing he had to show he was calm and not all angry or upset at the way she was treated by her...Idoit of a Birth Dad.

"Ahhh" Virgo replied happily, she nodded to small octopus toy and small pack of special drawing penicals to him. DeathHawk smiled at her, reached over and got them. He slowly laid the incoccent Virgo into the bath, Virgo giggled and cooed happily as she splashed the water at Death's face. He smiled at her, clean up her wounds and body. "Does that feel any better?" Virgo nodded happily, she adored the water. She squeeshed the wet Octopus toy happily when it squeeked at her she giggled loudly.

BrightHawk had just finished the letter to BackStrike. It read:

Dear Mrs BackStrike CurseWing (LightHand)

I am writting to you, to inform you that we have found your first birth child. Virgo Scorpio, she is recovering slowly from her abusive father. If you KNOW for certian that Virgo was your first child please write back to me, we shall prepare a first meeting for you two. Virgo will need to go to the doctors until you reply to this message.  I have provided some infomation on Virgo for you.

Name: Virgo Scorpio (HopeFully ether LightHand's or CurseStrike)

Age: 8 Months (Will be Nine 9 months next month)

Father: Sadly..BloodHawk Scorpio

Likes: Warm Baths, Laughing of others, Music, Colour Light Blue

Dislikes: Her Birth Dad, Loud Nosies, Fighting

Please Reply ASAP. Its Urgent!

Yours Truthly,

BrightHawk Scorpio


The End

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