The Notice: The Sereach BegunMature

Virgo crawled up under the couch in the room, hidding from her birth father and his evil friends. Laughing was heard, she shock violently, she wondered if anyone knew she was there, if her birth mom was actully died like her dad had to told her all the months ago when she cried out for her.

"BROTHER! Open this damn door, you bloodly....idoit!" A voice screamed outside towards her birth father. Virgo had heard it before, it was BrightHawk he had tried to come and rescuse her again. She looked out window saw him with armed troops more then twenty this time.

"Blasted it, stupid baby!" BloodHawk screamed,  holding his sword towards Virgo door. But before he could towards the door, he was knocked the door by huge barrage of bullets. "ARH, damn you brother!" He added

Before we could go for Virgo, DeathHawk, BloodHawk brother stepped in and knocked his brother head first to the floor, cuffed him. "Listen brother, your going to give that child to her birth mother or else" DeathHawk informed his brother before adding "You lay one hand on that child again, god help YOU I will kick your ass so hard it will feel like jackhammer"

BloodHawk scowled and growl before pushing his brother off him, smashing the cuff against the wall and breaking them. He ran towards Virgo broken shattered body in the corner, threaten to show her across the room in a violent rage. But just before he could, BrightHawk shot him in arm, he dropped her.

" IDOIT! Shes only a baby for god sakes!" BrightHawk screamed at his brother while picking her, trying to calm her. Virgo cried silently into his arms, shaking more violently then before. DeathHawk cuffed his brother to the wall before running off with Virgo and his brother in tail before Blood could realise what they had just done.

After running for sometime, they reached a small house. They entered and began cleaning up Virgo, cleaning her brusies and cuts that her birth father had laid his wraith on her. Virgo didnt cry nor shake, just stared up at him. LightHawk smiled down at her sympathical, Virgo cooed queitly before her tiny hands moved again.

"m-mama..m-mama" She managed to cry out.


The End

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