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The story is about young warrior, who has a history of abuse and toturment in her life, she finds happyness within a Paladian named Anthony. But two years later on our hero finds she has another daughter who is abused and weaken by her drug taking, alcholic, child beating birth father. BUT by mircale she manages to get her child back.

This is the story of Virgo Scopio CurseStrike.  The story of a mircale baby suriving hell and toture from her own birth father and how her birth mother managed to resuce her from this.

It was like an other morning, BackStrike had just woken up. Anthony was still asleep holding his eldests daughters, Sun Gazer and RoseThorn. Sun was his adoptive daughter and Rose was his full birth daughter, both exstremely beauitful just like their mother was. BackStrike smiled at them sleeping, slowly a rose from her bed, her tiny feet made no sound when they touched the floor. Her long, slimed body only covered by her bedwear which was purple and black with tiny red roses on showed how slim and stunning she was. Her long dark pink hung losy around her shoulders, she walked downstairs still in underwear and begain cleaning up from the previous night before.

"Mommy? that you" A little voice asked, BackStrike looked down towards the child.

"Yes baby?" She answer, kneeling to a beauitful blue haired, blue eyes little girl. The child looked up at her before answering.

"School time mommy?" 

"Yes baby, I'll will help you get ready for your first big day" Strike replied to her daughter, the child was named Frost-Lilly after the flower which grew wildly in the frost covered parts of  Dor’Hah.

"Mommy a strange message came for you today" Frost-Lilly said inoccently to her mom, eyes staring up brightly at her.

BackStrike face was a one of horror, we saw that dreaded two headed bird sympol on the letter. Just when she thought she escaped all the toturment of her ex, her was still playing the mine games with her. She started to shake violently whilst looking down at the letter before actully taking it from her daughters tiny hands and reading. Slowly anonther yawns were heard not from Anthony but from her eldest son Tony who was her step son but he called her mommy anyway to him she was his mom no one else could replace that.

"Momy whats wrong, why are you shaking like that?" Tony asked, sitting one side of his mom while his twins brother came downstairs slowly and shyly. "Mommy whats wrong?" Tony's twin brothers asked aswell, all three of them looked concerned.

"Nothing babies, Momy is just thinking about something" Strike replied softly to them, they smiled back at her. The truth was, the letter said she had another child somewhere...


Virgo was locked in her room, only seven months of age. Brused and beaten, barely alive she laid there silently crying for someone to save her. She heard the front door open, looked weakly at her bedroom down before crawling away to hide.





The End

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