Chapter Nine, Part FourMature

“The Red Caps are coming,” it said simply, still not revealing itself as its voice shattered my ears from every corner of the room. 

And it was true; there was a hard pounding at the door to my motel room. 

Someone called out, “Mister Dresden? Are you in there?” 

A man I didn’t recognize. Well, it was either the cops or the super, so to speak. 

I glanced around the room for a moment, my brain idly noting at the last minute that my staff and the makeshift blasting rod were now nowhere in sight. Fucking faeries. 

My sigh was a bit involuntary, story of my life. But I cracked my neck, put one foot over the gate to the Never Never pooling on the blood-soaked floor, and let gravity do the rest.

The End

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