Chapter Seven, Part OneMature

Lurching across the floor for the door in a haze of blurry white shapes where the furniture had been, I cried “Hexus!” and shoved energy out through my bleeding palm, smacking the door’s electric card reader with a quick and dirty blast of no workies mojo. 

I closed my eyes, and tried to recall the linking spell I’d first used with Elaine. I nearly went sprawling as I swayed in place where I knelt on the ruined motel carpet, my desperate mouth gaping like a fish as I focused roughly a third of my brainpower on my oxygen requirement. Then I gathered my fraying will... 

“Charity,” I sent, my eyes leaking tears at the effort. Could I find her? Was it even her outside the door? Would they ever start making Twinkies again? 

“... What? Harry? What is it? How are you doing this?” 

In the wake of that unhelpful deluge, I had the strangest sensation of groceries being dropped.

The End

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