Chapter Six, Part ThreeMature

I pursed my lips, called up my will, then tightened my grip on my makeshift blasting rod, pointing it at the Midgar reject as I screamed, “eB!”

My head swam as the power left me, but at least the black roiling thingawhatsit enjoying the bed formerly known as Enticing sprang up and down again, plopping back down to the half-exposed mattress in a sploosh of spreading ectoplasm. But I knew it wouldn’t last. I picked up a piece of glass corner from the ruins of the lamp on the floor and sliced my bleeding hand again across the back, nicking something (the Palmar arch?) deep enough to draw a significant gush of Important Wet Red Stuff. I dragged my hand over the carpet, soaking the tight, boringly tan hooking with lots and lots of vital fluid. For kicks, I also smeared a smaller circle around the angry black ooze, staining the bed through to the mattress. I invoked my will, infused the double circle, and...  

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. 

Someone was trying the door’s keycard... 






The End

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