Chapter Five, Part OneMature

I woke to a small shuffling sound. 

The curtains were drawn. But by what little light did manage to filter in past them, I reckoned it was daytime. 

That sound... 

“Murph?” I called out, driving my eyelids open. 

“Aunt Karrin’s not here, Daddy,” a soft voice mumbled close to my ear. 

I froze, and felt my heart start racing again, enough to drive my blood pressure right through the roof. It made my head ache. 

Was she on the bed with me? 

Something as large as my giant cat Mister and small enough to ride my ginormous foo dog Mouse was rummaging in the blankets next to my left arm. So I lifted it. 

“Can’t see ya,” I sighed, taking a deep breath and lowering my outstretched hand in the general direction of the lump, “Might be a monster. Or a v- uh, I mean might be a... ah dang it. What are you, squirt? Are you a faerie?” 

I smacked the lump as though I was holding a feather, tapping here and there every time I heard a squeak. 

“Hrm... I dunno... might be a bird... or...  a giant snail...” 

I smacked the lump again, grabbing a tiny butt through the covers, and heard another squeal of delight.

The End

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