Small Fire

This story is about three dragons, and I intend for adults to add too, please! It will make it even better.

Anyhoo, the cranky Silver Dragon (male), the dignified and intelligent Scarlet Dragon (female), and the famous, brave, and kind Emerald Dragon (male) lead very different lives, but it will be up to them to work together to bring peace to the huge country they all share: Flamoria.

"Victoria? Victoria!" He paced the room impatiently, flaring his nostrils. The ancient wooden timepiece atop his dresser read 2:01. Emery was late to the first annual Flamorian tea, and already by more than sixty seconds.

A thin, mousy-looking, ancient woman slowly entered the chamber. Any person who laid eyes upon her could see how much pain each step caused her. But the Silver Dragon was, unfortunately, no person.

"Victoria!" The old lady opened her mouth as if to say something, but was interrupted. "Is the carriage yet arrived?" "Ah, Em-" "Are we there yet?!" he rounded on her, his eyes like great glowing coals. "Tell old Nathan to drive more quickly! And get that awful peach fuzz off your head!" "That's my hair-" "Shut up, you old hag! I bet anything I've already missed the chocolate biscuits!" "On the contra-" "I don't pay you to speak, I pay you to serve!

Emery grumbled darkly as the carriage rolled along.

The End

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