Jace's story

Jace looked at assassins with trepidation, but his voice was strong, if halting. "Y....Yes.  Anything to....help those who...o.."  He looks very troubled.

The assassins start to get annoyed with his halting pace. "Hey! We don't want to hurt you." Says one, trying to  sound patient. "Just talk to us like...like we aren't a group of blood thirsty killers." He smiles. "We....aren't just so you know. Not bloodthirsty. That stuff is nasty man."

Taking a second to relax, Jace nods and swallows before continuing. "Thank you.  I want to help you oppose those tyrants. They took everything from me and my family. My parents.....they came to the city when they were both young and very much in love. They said they had to flee some rather.....unfortunate circumstances......I thought I knew what that meant....especially as mother was only fifteen years my elder. But....." He shudder sand looks away.

"But what?" I asked, enthralled.

Again he takes a deep breath. "But then....about a month ago I was helping my father move some crates, when mother called him over. I was glad for the break, so I started to walk away to sit down....but I overheard something about massacres and....and family. And something about....they only called it, It. It was hour before my father returned to work, and even then...he seemed far away. That night....I left. I never saw him again." He clenches his hands together, and a tear starts to form in his eye.

I reached out to touch his shoulder. "If you want, you can res-"

"No." He shakes his head. "I want to get this done quickly." He sighs. "This evening mother found me. She was babbling about....things I don't understand. Things I don't know if I can believe....about my family.....why they really left home......then she gave me this book....she told me it was the key to everything." From a pouch on his waist he removes a small, old looking book and handed it around to me and the other assassins. That....that father died to keep it from the council. Then the guards found us. Mother ran.....I think she got away.....I'm not sure.....but.... whatever happened to her....everything is over. I had a life! I was Master Amost's top journey man! I was courting his daughter! But....."He shakes his head. "The council is one of their top patrons. My family is dead or captured." He looks stricken. "They probably took everything from my house. I'm lost! I have nothing!" He gave one last, heavy sigh. "So, I will do anything you need. My life is over."

The End

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