The cold nights in Volpe were hard, especially when you were in the lower parts of the town, but the moon made it all worth while. I wanted to be as close to it as possible so I stood at the second highest point, on the chapel. The first was at the Romulus Parliment Building. It stood, overlooking the entire city of Volpe, with few blind spots. It was restricted to all citizens and completely surrounded by guards. Inside was the Romulus council, a very powerful, very deadly group of people. I clutched the giant cross because it kept me from falling and potentionally killing myself. Taking in everything, I sucked in a breath of cold hair and made a hissing noise with the exhale. "No, please, he hasn't done anything wrong!" I heard someone plead. I shuffled so I was on the edge of the church roof. Guards stood below with a boy, roughly twenty. All of his features were hard to make out, except for his spiky dull red hair. The boy tried resisting and the guards turned on him. His mother fled and, I'm guessing, she hid. The guards drew their weapons and the boy backed up into a corner. I jumped to a balcony, before I silently dropped to the ground behind a guard. Pulling out a blade I slit his throught and the boy grabbed his sword. Three other guards surrounded us. I smiled and attacked. One guard lunged at me with a giant spear. I grabbed it just under the spear head and yanked it out of his hands, then drove it right into him. When I turned another guard had his back to me. I simply just stabbed him and let him fall. The other guard was dead, and the boy's hands shook as he dropped the weapon. "Thank you." He whispered. I nodded and shrugged. "What is your name?" "They call me Sly." "Thank you Sly, for saving me. Its time for a change in Volpe." He whispered. "I will no longer stand by, while the innocent get punished." "Its not safe to talk here, surely enough, when the guards do not return the Council with send more. " "Then where do we go?" "Follow me." I started scaling the walls and the boy followed, quicker than I had thought. If he chose to, he'd be a great accessory to the guild. He kept quiet the whole way there, and he kept up. When I stopped at a door on a roof he gave me a puzzled look. "We're in a blindspot. Now get in." He walked in and started with the questions when we got inside. "Being on a roof and in a blind spot guarantees saftey from the Council and their guards." When we got downstairs into the sanctuary we were greeted with curious looks. "He wants difference within Volpe if he'll join us." I said. "But who is he, and why?" "I'm Jace Lloyd, and I know exactly what the Romulus Council wants and how to get it." I looked at him. "What do they want now?" "Aren't you supposed to know if you brought him here Levin?" Kendall pointed out. "I saved him from the guards, I didn't even know his name, this could be what we're looking for to take them out. Anyways, continue." "They're looking for various pieces, like artefacts, only they hold great power. They're rumoured to be crafted by God himself, but put into the hands of humans by Lucifer. Each piece resides in one continet of the world and put into the wrong hands can make one man so powerful to take it all over." "How do you know this?" Ari asked. She had hidden herself in her hood. "My father worked for the Council until the killed him. See my father worked for assassins, although he never actually murdered anyone, he just helped them with informantion." "The irony huh." Logan said. "What do you mean?" "We're assassins. We've killed a few people for the revenge of our families, but our findings have gotten us to the point where we know that they're looking for something. And noting how well you scaled the city buildings, kept a quick pace silently, and killed the guard, I say you're perfect for the guild, and you even have been able to get us information on what we need to do next. So what do you say?"
The End

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