This is a Scifi story about creatures that lurk in today's population that nobody would ever know.


In the recent years, craigslist has become a global trend. People all around the world know about the site and how it’s used. Some people use it as a trademark to become serial killers. Many people don’t use the site for that specific reason. But I must tell you that there are more unfortunate things that craigslist has to offer other than death. More and more people watch tv shows all over the planet about vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural creatures. I was one of those poor bastards that gave into that sort of entertainment a year ago. To those who are reading this, not one poor soul in this world that has fallen from god’s grace is “cute and cuddly”, similar to what you see in the media. It’s horrifying to tell you this tale, as it threatens my life and the way I survive. I know as soon as my work is brought to the attention of the government that my existence is limited. I must do the right thing and confess to all of my sins….

It all started on July 7th 2010. I became obsessed with lore and creatures of the unknown. I watched marble hornets and supernatural like it was a separate form of sustenance. I needed a daily dose of a new form of species. I can’t believe I took my addiction this far. I was 18 years old at the time. My mother was worried about my health as I was diagnosed with terminal cancer the year before. I couldn’t do anything by myself anymore.  All I could muster is watching tv and getting on the internet. I think I was so obsessed with lore and something other than human because it offered a second chance… As long as I am this way, there won’t be a second chance. Craigslist was my new hobby. That’s where it all started, my demise, my defeat, everything that I am today. If you ever notice one thing about craigslist, it’s that most of the material on the site is shady in itself. There’s prostitution, odd jobs, dating, and even exorcisms. This is where it all began. 

The End

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