And so it begins

I am choosing to make this truly collaborative and not give this story a direction beyond the first page.

I force my eyes open.  As I have so many times in the past, I wonder where the hell I am.  My memory is such a tricky thing these days.

Oh sure, my days start out normal enough.  I stumble out of whatever corner I lost consciousness in, and begin seeking a food source.  On my lucky days, I am near a restaurant with freshly tossed food scraps. 

Sometimes, I have to hunt my meal.  Rats are actually fairly tasty, especially if they can be burnt over an open flame.  Frogs, lizards, various birds, even a bat from time to time have all gone through my digestive track.

After a hearty meal, I find the freshest source of water available and endeavor to make myself presentable.  I have found that people are much more willing to speak to me if my face is clean and my hair tamed. 

Some days I am able to find temporary jobs.  The money never lasts.  Although I couldn’t swear to it, I assume I am using it to buy alcohol or narcotics.  The problem is that towards evening my memory begins to slip away.  By morning I no longer have any cash.

I no longer remember my name or how I came to be here.  I am not even sure where here is.  If I once knew, I no longer do. 

In fact, the only thing I am sure of these days, is that I am hungry an awful lot and every morning finds me in a place where nothing is familiar.

The End

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