Slightly MadMature

This is just something slightly twisted and frantic that has been churning inside my head lately.
Sorry if it offends.


Dazedly, my eyes tracked the small crimson droplets down to the large puddle that inched closer towards me, I slowly rocked back and forth to the tune of the droplets and the sound of my sluggish heartbeat.
Insanity gripped me tightly, clinging to me like a babe to its mother, the inky blackness flowed through me like blood through my veins. I knew it was only a matter of time before I succumbed to the sickness that dwelled within my mind.

A manic cackled spilled out of my lips, echoing hollowly throughout the small cabin, causing a mouse to pause from running across the room to peer at me curiously. I leant forward slowly so I wouldn’t startle it and quickly snatched it up.

It squeaked frantically when my hand closed around it tightly; I squeezed until I could feel its fragile little bones grind in protest. I smiled in glee when the small animal abruptly died of fright, or at least that’s what I assumed.
Taking care to be gentle, I dipped the mouse in the growing puddle of blood and spelt my name over and over until the mouse’s thick fur became too matted to make an even and smooth stroke.

“I’m going slightly mad…I’m going slightly mad…” I sung to myself softly, “It finally happened, I’m slightly mad.” I giggled and stood up on shaky legs and eyed my handy work.
The name Corey coated the walls and floor in drying blood. I felt tears well up in my eyes at the sight.
“So beautiful…” I whispered and reached out a shaking hand to caress the letters softly. My fingers tingled at the feel of the blood and damp wood from the cabin, bringing my hand to my lips I slowly licked them, almost moaning at the rustic and salty taste.
Raising my arms above my head, I inhaled the scents of dried blood and death, underneath those scents was just a small hint of nature, the smell of the trees and the grass. My lip curled in disgust.
The smell of how pure nature was sickened me, only the sweet, sweet smell of death had that delicious tang of taint; of wrongness and bitter fluids. I took a deep cleansing breath and shuddered in pleasure as the scents rolled over me, coating me within its deathly grasp.

My gaze travelled back to the hanging body in the middle of the room.
My poor father, he was such a foolish old coot. He lost all of his honour the day he dared to lay a hand upon my delicate flesh, when he sought to soil my innocence with his evil and putrid misdeeds. So I took justice into my own hands and relieved my bastard of a father of the heavy burden that was his sad and pathetic life.

Taking a small step closer, I eyed the frozen features of my father. Forever distorted into horror and fear. His eyes were yellow and sunken into his head, looking like prunes. His skin had a blue twinge to it as his skin sagged and started to decompose. I looked further down to his torso and felt my smile widen.
His torso was ripped open from the chest down to the bottom of his ribs, his organs used to shine in blood and body fluids, but now they too looked dried up and shrunken. I watched in vague amusement at the sight of bugs crawling merrily through my father’s organs and feasting.
Oh yes, he had what was coming to him. And now I stand here eyeing my prize in manic glee. I felt free…like a thousand tonnes had been lifted from my shoulders, but most of all I felt safe from his evil activities and hurtful words.

With a feeling of great accomplishment, I left the small cabin and strode back toward my dark and empty house. I stared up at the looming shape and felt more unease and insanity stir within me.
Pulling the dead mouse out of my pocket I cradled it within my hand.
“What do you think mousy? Should we move somewhere else?” I smiled and nodded. “Yes I think we should too. I’m thinking maybe Hell.”

Putting the mouse back into my pocket, I picked up the can of gasoline and let it spill out after me. I made sure to get every crevice and piece of furniture before walking upstairs and into my room.

I took a moment to look at the smiling picture of my father, mum and I from Christmas a few years back before cancer took her away from me.
“Love you mum.” I breathed and placed a gentle kiss upon the picture.  With everything finally in place, I felt even more at peace with the world. Death was so close to me now that I could feel his claws writhing in agony, hungry to rip and tear into my innards.

“Soon…” I whispered to the ceiling.
Climbing on top of my bed, I hooked the rope through the small hook and made sure the noose was a perfect fit. Slipping it over my head, I lit a match and threw it on the ground. At the same time I jumped off of my bed and felt the rope digging into my jugular instantly. As fire lapped at my dirty feet, my throat constricted and lungs ached for more air. A breathless laugh puffed out of me at the sight of black dots dancing across my vision. The feel of the fire melting my flesh and licking against my bones almost made me want to scream, but as my mouth opened only a dry wheeze came out.
“I’m not afraid to die.” I chanted over and over in my head as finally, the rope stole my last breath and my heart came to a stuttering halt.

Finally, I was well and truly free…


                                                                   *            *            *

“Corey! Corey wake up!” A voice shouted.
I groaned and rolled over.
“Not now!” I snapped in annoyance. Suddenly I was yanked out of bed and shaken like a rag doll.
My blurry eyes barely registered the furious expression upon my father’s face.
“Don’t you dare talk to me like that!” He snarled. He backhanded me and threw me back onto my rumpled bed. I tasted blood in my mouth and winced at the pain throbbing through my face.
I looked up to see my father’s sneer and his hands go to his belt buckle.
“I’m about to teach you a lesson you little whelp.” He growled and leant down toward me.
Resigned to my fate, I closed my eyes and went to my happy place.

“I’m going slightly mad…” I sung softly.

The End

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