Morning of a new chapter

Finally after the Dream, I wake up in this room.  I could hear a lot of noise coming from downstairs.  I still can't remember where I am or how I got there.  Then finally I figured it out.  I heard Heather's voice come from down the stairs, as I slowly make my way out of bed.  Once up I remember that I put two or three heaters in my room because I had been freezing the previous day.  I make my way to the window, pull away the curtains.  I can see the houses and the streets that were covered in snow.

I exit my new room, as Heather walks up the stairs.  He was singing to herself the same word, over and over.  Uniform, as if she was looking for it.  Then finally she says to me, "Oh, Good morning Adam."

"Do you have to make a ruckus, so early in the morning?"  I complain.

But because of the way she is, she tells me, "Nope, that's not right.  You're supposed to say 'Good Morning' back to me, Okay?"

"Fine, Good morning."  I reply, trying to sound nicer than I was.

"Perfect!"  She replies with a giggle after she was done talking.

"Hehe."  I say.  Trying to mock her.

But she brushed it off and said, "Now wasn't that better?  Oh, Adam, have you seen my uniform anywhere?"

"I thought aunt Megan said she was going to wash it for you."  I reply, trying to answer her question.  Then I mutter to myself, "It's no big loss, it's the most dorkiest uniform ever."

Then I hear Heather yell up to me, "It's not dorky!"

"Whatever, dork."  I continue to mutter to myself.  Hoping she heard.

After a minute or so of her looking for her school uniform, she comes back upstairs and says, "I found it.  It was in the laundry like you said."

"Glad I could be of some use."  I say to her.

"It's still a little damp though."  She says as she walks into the bathroom to change.

"Well then, why don't you put it under the heater?"  I suggest.  "That should dry it pretty quick."

"But if I put it under there it will get wrinkled.  Won''t it?"  She asks.

"Yeah but smart people don't wear wet clothes.  Especially in the middle of winter."  I tell her.

"Well I guess I would rather be unwise than wrinkled."  She replied with a big smile on her face.

I ask her, "Aren't you still on winter break until tomorrow anyway?"

"Yeah but I have to go to school for some club stuff.  I am team captain you know!"  She says to me, trying to sound important.

"Oh, yeah, you mentioned something about that yesterday."  I remember.

"Yup, it's for the track team."  She tells me, as she emerges from the bathroom, and we head down the stairs.  She puts on her shoes, while I am still wearing my pajamas.  "Yuck, it's a lot more wet than I thought."  She finishes.

"Aren't you supposed to be there soon?"  I ask.

"I know, I know."  She tells me, "I have got to hurry up."

"Heather."  Aunt Megan says as she walks up to us, carrying a pot of boiling water.  "It's so late already, are you sure you're going to make it on time?"

"I will if I can do a one-hundred meter dash in under seven seconds!"  She says trying to sound cool.

"It would have to be a world record."  I say trying to counter her cool.

"Be careful hunnie!"  Aunt Megan tells her.  As we all walk out the door.  Walking onto the side walk.  She pours the boiling water onto the handle of the gate leading to the street.  "Watch out for cars!"

As she is running off, I ask her, "Could you maybe show me around town later, after you get back?"

"Sure, she tells me, and then runs of into the direction of town.

The End

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