Sharing one another's dreams

While I sleep, I start to dream.  There is a little girls voice. At first I don't know what she is saying.  But then it becomes clear.

"It's a dream.  I'm dreaming.  It's the same one I have everyday, and it never ends.  Red snow, a whole world stained in red."

"A small child is crying, Almost eclipsing the sunset.  I wanted to at least wipe away his tears.  But my hands wouldn't leave my sides.  His tears, streaming down his cheeks, disappeared into the snow."

"All I could do was watch, it was so frustrating, and sad.  'It'll be alright, don't cry.  I promise.'  I can't help but to wonder who's words those were.  They seem too far away to be mine."

"Then the dream fades to a distant color. It fades to a promise.

Her voice is all I can hear in the dream.  Then at that point always in the dream, I wake up.

The End

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