Slice of Life

What happens in the past, stays in the past... Right?

"She's Late..." I said to myself.  While I have been freezing for over two hours.  No where to go, but to just sit here and wait for her.  "What the heck is she doing?"  I wonder while staring at the snow on the ground.  At the clock that is dinging three-o-clock.  At the tall buildings surrounding me.  And at the people walking by with somewhere to actually go.

Finally she runs up to me and says with a worrisome tone, "You've got a bunch of snow on you."

"That's because I have been waiting around for you for two hours."  I reply with a frustrated tone.

"Oh...  Oh my goodness, I didn't realize it was so late!  I thought it was only two-o-clock!"  She said.

I replied with, "Even if it were two-o-clock, you still would be an hour late..."

"Aren't you cold?"  She asks me.

"Yes, freezing."  I decided to say.  I must admit, I had other things on my mind to say.

"Well I guess...  Sorry."  She said while she rubs snow off of my head.  Its been seven years now.  Hey do you even remember my name after all this time?"  She asks.

"What about you?  Do you still remember what my name is?"  I quickly reply.

"Its Adam"  She says softly.

"Jacklyn...?"  I question.

"That's not it at all"  She laughs.

"Zack?"  I joke.

"You do remember I am a girl, right?"  She comes back.

After she said that, I complain, "Man, I am seriously going to catch a cold!"

"But you still haven't guessed my name."  She pouted.

"Come on, lets get out of here."  I request.

"But...  Adam..."  She says worried.

"Are you coming, Heather?"  I ask.  She relieves herself with a sigh, and nods her head.  Giggles and starts to take me to my new home.  We walk off down the towns snowy road, watching the people go by.

The End

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