Chapter 21Mature

So everyone left except Chicka, Marcy, and I. Marcy was still in Chicka's arms as I was standing on the side having a confused expression on my face.

Chicka: Whats wrong?

Marcy: Those... eyes. "jumps off" Your related to Julius!

Me: "jumps"

Chicka: ... "smiles" ding ding ding.

Marcy: But... How?

Me: She's my little sister.

Marcy: A robot!?

Chicka: Animatronic.

Marcy: Animatronic!?

Me: I'll explain later.

Chicka: I guess I'll explain then. You see...




Julius, may you please explain?

Me: Oh yea, I forgot. YOu don't remember how you died. "sighs" Alright fine.

Marcy: "sits down"

Me: It's a Golden Freddy out here somewhere and he lured 4 kids into the backstage only to stuff them inside the animatronics. The people you seen? The animatronics? Those are the spirits of the four children and they are stuck inside them for eternity. You cannot free them, but I say the hell with that. The Golden Freddy also captured a 5th child but that child was never found.

Marcy: Oh...ok.

Me: Well thats the main thing but still. It's amazing how she can remember who I am.

Marcy: May I ask you a question Chicka?

Chicka: Yes?

Marcy: Is the Pizzaria an adult restaurant?

Chicka: No, why you ask?

Marcy: Why are you wearing panties?

Chicka: Wh-What!?

Me: They say she's for "the kids"

Marcy: The kids? She's thick to be for "kids" Her name should be Thicka!

Chicka: -_-...

Marcy: I'm sorry!

The End

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