Chapter 20Mature

Stephan: What are we gonna do with him?

Me: ...



Keep him with us.

Everyone grows shocked

Jane: What kind of Idea is that?!

Jessica: He just tried killing us all!

Me: We have to watch him in order for us to keep him from doing any harm.

Stephanie: What!?

Arrieta: I understand what your saying but all he will do is try to kill us once more. If we keep our eyes off him for even a few seconds he might try to quietly kill us.

Me: Either that or the world.

Chicka: Don't worry. "places her hand on my shoulder" We can watch him!

Foxy: Do they have a relationship?

Freddy: I don't quite know.

Stephan: Alright fine. I will leave him in your hands. Don't disappoint me. "vanishes"

Jessica: Is father alright?

Arrieta: He's just a bit mad to have so many people living with him thats all.

Marcy: "looks at Chicka"

Chicka: "waves at Marcy"

Marcy: "hides behind me"

Chicka: "looks confused"

Me: Hm? "picks Marcy up and walks to Chicka" Marcy. This is Chicka. We've been together for a long time. Don't worry. She's nice.

Marcy: You knew her more? ... "starts to cry"

Me: Marcy!? Whats wrong?!

Chicka: "takes Marcy from my arms and rocks her back and forth"

Marcy: "looks her in her eyes"

Chicka: It's ok. Whats wrong?

Marcy: ...

Chicka: "wipes her tears off"

Me: Weird...

Jane: Whats up with you and Chicka!?

Me: Nothing Dammit!

The End

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