Spade: This is bad. How is he able to contain some of his power so soon?

Jeff: Hm?

Marcy: Julius?

Jane: What the?

Jake: What is he?

Jack: I have no idea.

Darkness formed around me as I grew more angry

Spade: This cannot happen. This is not how I want it to be.

Arietta: Is there something your not telling us?

Spade: ... "sighs" I might as well.

Foxy: "walks to Chicka and lifts her up"

Chicka: ...

Foxy: Chicka...

Lorey: What do you mean your father is inside him?

Spade: You see... This person.. Inside him holds the grace key that releases Lucifer from the undergrounds of hell. From his cage. His wife Lithia probably has sent the demon king to possess his body... As a vessel. The reason why we can do that is because the earth is beginning to become seperated from heaven.

Jessica: A vessel?...

Spade: Do you not know what a vessel is?

Jessica: ...

Spade: "sighs" These people I tell you... Look, a vessel is what you all can be. The only people who can make you their vessels are demons and angels. Angels have to ask for permission and demons can just take over a body whenever they want to. You see, "walks back and forth" A demon and angel's soul is naturally stronger than any of your souls along with the people in this earth. Your body reacts to the strongest soul which is the person possessing you. That angel and or demon can hold itself back and make you take over as they hide inside you without you ever noticing. "stops walking" Once they are inside you your body naturally reacts into being stronger you can say. The stronger the vessel, the more powerful the angel and or demon can be.

Jeff: That explains...

It showed a flashback of the time when I fought Jeff. If you don't know what happened and want to know then I suggest you read the story from the beginning... at least.

Chicka: "wakes up"

Foxy: There she is.

Freddy: Thank goodness.

Bonny: She's alive.

Chicka: ... "looks at me"

My body began to break out in the face due to the demon king being more powerful than I. My body isn't breaking out that much. It's just... happening really really really really really really slow.

Jeff: Isn't that your goal? To get rid of mankind?

Spade: You fool. That's Lucifer's plan. My plan is to simply rule over the world of earth. To become its king.

Before he finished his sentence I appeared on his side and punched his face causing him to fly into the dark abyss of the forest. I followed him. Once I got in all you heard was punching noises as he started screaming. Everyone made faces expressing the pain that they felt from hearing him. Once 15 seconds pass I came out of the abyss with him all scratched and bruised up then I tossed him to the side carelessly.

Jake: What the hell.

Me: Rrrgh! "clenches my fists as darkness formed around"

Chicka: ... "gets up from Foxy's arms and walked to me"

Me: ..

Once she walked to me she opened up her arms for a hug as I looked up. I grew shocked and frozen from that attempt. She gave me a tight squeeze as I began to turn back into my normal state. "I never knew I was going to be able to see her again. The only thing I could do was cry on her as she hugged me tighter and tighter with the metal of her body pressing roughly against mine. The only thing That I could think about was one thing. "The more the pain, the more the love""


The End

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