The voice of the child spiritMature

Spade: ...

Chicka: ...

Me: "looks at chicka" ...why?... why am I feeling such...things when I look at her?'s like...

Marcy: "looks at me" Huh?

Me: I know her from somewhere.

Marcy: Who the chicken?!

Me: I...I don't know.

Chicka: ...

Spade: Lets see if your better than that fox over there.

Chicka: "looks at me"

Me: "jumps"

Chicka: ... "looks back at Spade"

Spade: Shall we get started?

Chicka: ...

Spade charges up at Chicka full speed unable to be seen by the human eye and slices his shadow sword sideways causing a slash wave to rush towards her. As it got near, Chicka jumped up in the air dodging it aiming for a dropkick to his head. Spade catches her ankle and throws her towards the ground but she jumped up using her right arm to catch herself. As she did so Spade used the shadow under her to form around her and grab her but she vanished before it reached her rushing towards him as the shadows tried to grab her again and again. Once she got near him she aimed her fist to the left side of his chin but he vanished before that could happen and appeared on the side of her punching her dead in the face before she could comprehend. The punch sended her flying through 8 trees. Spade formed into the ground using shadows and appeared behind her before she crashed into the gound and punched her again causing her to blow back to the other direction passing me up barely hitting me and crashing through the ground causing a huge crater to form.

Foxy: Impossible!

Freddy: The most powerful fighter we have... treated as if shes a weakling.

Jeff: can he be so strong?

Jane: This can't be.

Chicka: ..."gets up" He's stronger than I thought. "looks at Spade"

Spade: You better be lucky your made out of metal you little girl.

Me: Little...girl...

Chicka: Alright. I see you ahve some fight in you.

Spade: Oh? You havent started?

Chicka: ...

Spade: ...

Chicka rushes up toward Spade as he formed his shadows to stab her repeatedly. Dodging the shadows she got closer and closer to him jumping up in the sky. She quickly takes her knife out her butched knife and aims for Spade's neck but as she did Spade summoned a giant flood of shadows/darkness towards her. She appeared behind Spade unnoticed and succesfully strikes Spade's neck with her knife

Chicka: ...

Spade: ... This is getting boring.

Chicka: "grows shocked"

Spade quickly grabs her head and slams it on the ground. He then slowly started to tear her head from her body. As he did Foxy charged at him but Spade already had a shadow trapped beneath them knowing that they would interfere causing Foxy to stay in his place nomatter how hard he tried to break free.

The spirit of Chicka began to hollor in pain but only inside my head where I could hear causing me to grow shocked on how familiar the voice sounded.


As I screamed out into the sky a huge crater formed below me as I transformed into a darkness humanoid.

Spade: What!? But how!? ... It seems that he already found out a way to use his power.


The End

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