Chapter of the animatronicsMature

ME: ...

Jack: ... Good.. are you guys done talking?

Jessica: ...

Jeff: ...

Spade: Shall we continue?

Jack: I was waiting for that.

They both charge at each other as Spade has his Shadow sword and Jack has his Ice katana. Once they was about to clash their swords together Foxy appeared in between them stopping them both.

Foxy: Aye mates.

Me: Foxy?

Foxy: "throws them out of the way"

Lorey: What in the?

Marcy: He's... alive?

Foxy: ...

Jack: Who is this?

Spade: May I order you to leave?

Foxy: ..."grins brightly" ehehehehehe... Stand back matey. He's my bait.

Jack: What?

Me: He's... on our side?

Arietta: Huh?


Spade: Alright. If you want to be torn to peices you animatronic i will be happy to oblige.

Foxy: "reaches his hook hand out"




They both vanish jumping into the air. Spade clashes his sword with Foxy's hook hand causing a giant clash wave to appear throughout a big area of the sky. Foxy appeared behind Spade to sidekick him on his left jaw but Spade ducked and grabbed his leg throwing him on the ground. Foxy landed on his feet catching his gaurd and dodged Spades shadow bullets from his sword. He then jumped up at Spade screaming at him aiming for the center of his head but Spade dodged. Foxy then used his upgraded grappling hook and grabbed Spade swinging him through the ground causing a huge crater to form.

Foxy: Rrrgh.

The shadows of Spade spreaded across the ground and he floated up into the air with the shadows forming around him.

Foxy: Better than I thought.

The rest of the toys appear

Foxy: Evening.

Bonny: What happened to you?

Freddy: You look more...clean.

Foxy: This man... he be a tough fish to catch.

Spade: Alright you all. You have made me a bit mad, and for that, I shall destroy you all.

Chicka:... Guys?... "takes off her beak" Hold my beak.

Foxy: "holds it" We better step back Mateys. This is about to get real.

Chicka: "walks forward"

Stephan: This is unexpecting.

Marcy: How can they be moving and fighting like that?

The End

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