Jake: "takes out his red katana" Who are you? 

Jack: "takes out his blue katana" Reveal yourself. 

The male stepped out of the shadows. He appeared to have on a lab coat with glasses. His hair was a whitish gray and his eyes were dark red. He was 6.8ft tall. 

Male: "evily grins" Good afternoon. 

Stephan: "spreads his tentacles" Why are you here? 

Male: I am here for one thing. "points at me" He has something I want. And I am willing to take it from him. 

Everyone takes out there weapons. Stephan has a purple soul sword, Marcy has cards, Lorey has wheels, Stephanie has a whip, Jane has a spell book, Jessica is a fonist, Jeff has his powerful butched knife, and Arrieta draws out her razor sharp claws. I have my electric gloves on me. 

Male: Please, don't be foolish you all. "twitches his glasses" Thats what will get you all killed. 

Jeff: "walks forward" Well I can't die. 

Male: "laughs" Thats what YOU think but I have my ways of killing you all! 

The shadows around him form around his body making a sword as a weapon and armor as defence. 

Stephan: Careful. He's a darkness former. One of the powerful people in hell. 

Me: (There are powerful people in hell?) 

Male: It looks like someone has a mind. 

Jack: "walks forward" I guess I'll go first... "grips onto his katana" 

Male: You dare challenge me clown? Don't get yourself killed. 

Jack: Heh. We will just have to see about that. 

Jack rushes up towards him and tries to stab him in the chest but the male vanished using the shadows and appeared behind Jack. The male then used his multiple shadows to sharpen and stab Jack multiple times but Jack blocked them with his katana and jumped in the air charging his katana causing ice to form around it. He then shot an army of icycles(forgot how to spell it) from the sky. 

Jack: Hail Storm. 

The male used his shadow to catch the icycles that reached him causing Jack to grow shocked. The male then threw the ice back at Jack. Once the ice got near him a giant flame barrier formed around Jack causing the ice to melt. 

Jack: W-What the? "looks at Marcy with a card in her hand and Jake with his katane flamed up" 

Marcy: ... 

Jake: ... 

Jack and the male: This is none of your concern. 

Jake: Just shut up and continue. 

Jack :What!? 

Male: How dare you sir! 

Marcy and Arrieta: Just continue already!!! 

Jack: How about you all SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!! 

Male: Indeed! 

Stepan: "facepalms" This is getting off subject/ 


Male: This is getting on my nerves! 

Jack: Tell me about it. 


Lorey: This is stupid. 

Jack: Hey, shut up! 

Male: You are not in control of us so I recommend that you shut your bloody mouths and KEEP QUIET!!!!!!!

The End

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