Me: As soon as i'm done with breakfast im gonna tighty them all up. Give them a little... upgrade.

Marcy: OK!

Me: You adorable little girl... c'mon. Lets go.

They both vanish into the kitchen

Stephan: Good morning 16 year old.

Me: Hey Slenderman.

Stephanie: I made pancakes for you. "gives me a plate stacked with pancakes with a butter square on top as strawberry syrup drips from the plate"

Me: Thanks Slenderwoman.

Jane: So... You survived a year in this chaos? I'm impressed.

Me: And hello to you Jane the killer.

Jane: Good morning.

Jeff: Are you ever going back home or are you just staying here?

Me: Don't you remember Jeff? I said you guys are the only family I have. My mom died and my father left me when I was 5 I think.

Jeff: Well are you going back to school?

Me: When Summer break is over I will.


Me: But Marcy. Your only 5.

Stephan: She's smarter than you think. She has a mind that's 5 thousand years old. She'l just skip ahead and move to your school.

Me: Oh... Well then... How is she gonna go in the school if she's like that?

Jeff: I'll find a way. I do this stuff many times. I went to school like this and it wasnt a problem to me.

Me: You went to school?

Jeff: Are you calling me stupid!

Me: What?

Jeff: You think that I never went to school before? You must think im stupid!

Me: I was just shocked thats all ehehehe! My bad!

Stephan: Hey Lorey?

Lorey: Yes?

Stephan: Could you please put these in the dishwasher? "gives her a pile of dishes"

Lorey: No problem. "walks to the dishwasher"

When she got close to the dishwasher Rake popped out of it out of nowhere causing Lorey to jump like crazy and drop the dishes


Rake: "gets up with a dark look on his face"

Stehan: Oh, well look who it is. Long time no see buddy...

Rake: I was in there for five weeks... FIVE FUCKING WEEKS!

A flashback occurs with Slenderman(Stephan) shoving Rake in the dishwasher with his feet

Stephan: Don't you "shoves him" EVER put your "shoves him" HANDS on my "shoves him" WIFE ever "shoves him" AGAIN!

Rake: Wait man! It was an accident I sware!

Stephan: "shuts the dishwasher and turns it on then walks off as black blood started dripping from the dishwasher"

Flashback over

Stephan: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, "points at the wall" LOOK! A WALL!

Rake: WHERE!? "looks"

Stephan: "jumps out the window"

Rake: "chases after him" COME BACK HERE YOU DUMBASS!

Me: Uhhhhhh

Stephan: Don't worry. They always do this. It's their thing.

Me: ... ok ... well as you exuse me I need to upgrade some robots. "walks off with Marcy still on my back"

When we walk back the animatronics wasnt there

Me: Hm?

Marcy: Thats weird. Whered they go?

Me: I dunno... Lets find them. "walks off into the deep part of the forest"

Marcy: "looks around" Did someone do something to them?

Me: I dunno... "bumps into a box that says out of order" Uhhhhh

Marcy: I don't remember bringing this one. "hops off of my back and opens it and it appears to be a half made fox" Oh my.

Me: Lord Jesus... I gotta fix him up fast. "takes foxy out of the box and lays him down" ...

Marcy: ...

Me: ...

Marcy: ...

Foxy: ...

Me: This might take a while. "takes my electric gloves out of my pocket and starts working on him"

The End

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