The unexpected birthday morningMature

It begins with me sleep on the bed as Jessica watches me in my sleep

Jessica: ...

Lorey: "appears next to her" Hey Jessica.

Jessica: Hey.

Lorey: "notices me sleep" Hm? Why are you stalking him in his sleep?

Jessica: ... I dunno... I just like to watch him in my bed... It's just... something,

Lorey: I understand. I like watching him sleep too. Even when he was an adorable little baby.

Jessica: ... The stories that he writes about us...

Lorey: "looks at her" You mean the things he writes on his free time? I read those too. "looks back at me" ... the romance...

Jessica: ...The drama...

Lorey: ...The humor...

They both look at each other for a brief moment then laughs slightly and looks back at me


Jessica: "a blush occurs across her face" You wanna uhm... Wake him up?

Lorey: ...Yea...

They both walk to me and lays on the opposite sides of my bed. They both then takes the cover off of me and it appears that I have a boner

Lorey: Wtf?!

Jessica: Uh... Look at it...

Lorey: ...

Jessica: "gropes it"

Me: "starts to wake up"

Lorey: He's waking up.

Me: ... "opens my eyes and looks at those two" (Oh, this is just creepy as hell).

Lorey and Jessica: Happy sweet 16 Julius.

Me: "twitches and notices Jessica groping me" ...

Lorey: "rubs my face getting ready to kiss me"

Jeff then opens the door

Jeff: Sorry to ruin you little fantasy Julius, but breakfast is ready.

Lorey: ... Later Julius... Ok? "gets off me"

Jessica: awwwwww "gets off of me also"

The three walked out the door

Me: ... So... Slendergirl and her cousin tried to have a creepypasta 3-way with me... "gets up from my bed" ... Man ... "looks out the window and sees Marcy struggling trying to drag 4 animatronic figures" uhhhh... "jumps out the window" Hey Marcy.

Marcy: Hi Ju Ju! "jumps on my back" I found these!

Me: ... A rabbit, a bear, a monkey? Idk...aaaaaand uhhhhh... I dunno. I'm still waking up.

I havent played five nights at freddy's in a while but you know who they are. If you don't know then look up 5 nights at Freddys walkthrough on youtube.

Me: They look abandoned. Where did you get these?

Marcy: It wasnt hard.

A flashback occurs.

Meanwhile in the control room.

Albert(Control room man): "switching stuff around looking at cameras" Risking my life for 120 dollars a week? They didn't tell me this shit when I was signing up. I go sue they asses.

He looks at a camera and sees Marcy in the stage room

Albert: WHAT THE HELL!? WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!? "closes the doors" Wait! I got 15 percent left! "opens the doors back up and looks at a camera" AH! SHE'S IN THE BATHROOM!

Marcy: "vanishes into another camera"

Albert: "screams like a girl and closes the door as the percentage goes down" God save me! "looks around and sees Marcy behind him."

Flashback over

Marcy: Wasnt hard at all...

Me: Uhhhh... Ok? Why did you bring them?

Marcy: I wanted to see If I could make them do a song for your birthday! Aw dangit. Spoiler!

Me: "smiles and laughs"

The End

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