The easy winMature

Jeff: (This is... weird... What is this...fear im sensing?)

Me: Now... Shall we begin?...

Jeff: ... Alright.

Me: I don't know how I am doing this but I am not gonna worry about it... Jeff the killer... I will give you back the life you once had.

Jeff: "looks at me paralyzed" ... What... What the HECK are you!?

Me: The person that will save you all... Now do you want to continue this battle? "reaches my hand out to him" Or call it off and pretend that this never even happened?

Jeff:... "walks to me" ... Julius... Why would you go so far?

Me: I'm trying my hardest to earn respect from this family...

Jeff: ...

Me: This family is the only thing I have left foreal outside school... Now, are we gonna continue or end it? Because I really wanna love on my woman right now.

Jeff: If you wi-

Before he finished the sentence I rushed up towards him unable to be seen and punches him dead in the face causing him to fly through 5 trees. I then reached my hand out and let out a dark wave from my hand causing a giant explosion to occur making the entire forest turn black. Only the trees foreal.

Me: ... Hmph. "turns to normal and vanishes"

Jeff: "struggles to get up but fails the attempt and falls back on the ground" W...What the? "coughs"

Jane: "appears in front of him and helps him up" You ok?

Jeff: Y-Yea... Don't even know how he could get so strong...

Me: "appears in the same area as everyone else"

Jessica: J-Juliu-

Me: "rushes up and kisses her before she finished her sentence"

Jessica: ...

Marcy: Hmph. "crosses her arms"

Stephanie:... (I didn't know she's a jealous type)

Me: "walks off"

Stephan: Where are you going?

Me:... I don't know... "walks off completely"




Me: "looks at my hand as i'm walking through the forest leaving a trail of light causing the trees to turn back to normal"




Lorey: "appears in front of me"

Me: Hm? "looks up and sees Lorey causing my eyes to widen"

Lorey: Hello.

Me: Wh...What the?

Lorey: Hm?

Me: You... For a girl with no face... You sure are pretty hot.

Lorey: Don't you have a girlfriend?

Me: I dont know do I?

Lorey: ...

Me: ...

Lorey: mmhmm...

Me: Damn.

Lorey: Stop trying to get all the love.

Me: BUT I DON'T WANNA! " I said whining"

Lorey: "rubs my head" Maybe when your single again...

Me: Hmph! "crosses my arms"

The End

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