To prove myself worthy of living here. Jeff vs myselfMature

{it begins with Jessica and I getting going into the kitchen fully clothed fresh out of the shower}

Me: Hey.

Jeff: Took you long enough.

Jane: Hey.

Arrieta: Hm? "looks at me" Why is there a human in our kitchen?

Me: Aaaaand it's the witch from the Dream of The Blood Moon game I heard about... I never played the game.

Stephan: He's staying here. Why? Because I said so... he also collected all of my eight pages...

Arietta:... You know what? I don't even care anymore.

Marcy: "jumps on my back" JUJU!

Me: Its Julius.

Arietta: My cousin's coming over.

Her cousin's name is Lorey. She is the girl on the cover page of this story.

Me: Cousin? That"s cool...

Jeff: So. "walks to me" Julius...

Me: Yes?

Jeff: You must be really relieved to not be dead yet.

Me: Well yea...

Jane: Is it because he's a black guy? Because I just noticed that the only human that's living here is a black guy.

Jeff: Since your here and active I might as well kill you.

Me: Why this all of a sudden?

Jeff: To see if your capable of being a creepypasta.

Me: Uhm... I don't wanna be a creepypasta... I wanna be Julius...

Jeff: If you win, you will have my respect as well as Jane. If I win, I get to kill you however I'd like to. Deal?

Me: ... I survived this long so... Why not? "shakes his hand" I need all the respect I can get from this family.

Marcy: But I Don't Want You To Die!

Me: (For a girl from a horror game she sure is protective about me.) 'takes her from my back and hugs her" It's ok. I won't die.

Marcy: But I Don't Wanna Risk Any Chances.

Jessica: Thats weird...

Jane: Yea, she never cared about someone that much.

Stephanie: Especially a human.

Me: I promise that i won't die ok? It'll be ok.

Marcy: "hugs me tight with her claws sinking into my skin causing blood to drip from my back"

Me: Don't worry little sister. I sware to you that I won't die ok?

Marcy: ... "nods her head"

Stephan: (Is she in love with this guy?... Why is that?...Their not even Siblings but yet they call each other Sister and Brother)

Me: "sets her down and rubs her head" Don't weep ok? Everything is gonna be alright... "looks at Jeff with a furious look on my face" How dare you take us through this?! I might not Kill you because you can't die... But I will knock you unconscience...

Jeff: "widely smiles" Hehehehehe Well shall we get started?

Me: "puts on my electric gloves" We might as well start.

Stephan: Who knew he could invent stuff?

Jessica: ...(I hope he'll be ok.)

Arrieta: ...

Jeff and I goes outside into the open forest with electricity forming around my gloves and a Dark aura growing around his knife

Me: I WILL knock you out for doing this to little Marcy.

Jeff: Heehehe Go on ahead and try... If you can. "gets in his fighting stance as a Dark aura grows around him"

Me: Hmph. "Gets in my boxing stance as an electric aura forms around me"

The End

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