The master?Mature

{ It begins with everyone eating at the table with conversations going as im in another area in a huge bathing tub}

Me: "sighs"...

Jessica: WATCH OUT! "jumps in the water naked with all water splashing on me"

Me: Ugh.

Jessica: "pokes her head out of the water" Hey. Why aren't you eating with the rest of us?

Me: I don't know.

Jessica: ... Oh well...

Me: Hey Jessica?

Jessica: Yes?

Me: How come nobody tried to kill me yet?

Jessica: Because everyone thinks your immortal. But I think that it's just continueous miracles.

Me: Oh.

Jessica: Thats why they stopped trying to kill you.

Me: ... Do you have on a mask?

Jessica: No. Why you ask?

Me: No reason... Do you really know how to treat a boyfriend?

Jessica: No, I never had one.

Me: ...(As creepy and terrifying she looks I can still see the feelings that she possesses... But how am I able to do that?)

Jessica: "swims close to me leaning her head on my chest"

Me: (W-What the!?... nevermind the horror of this... just go with it...) "rubs her head" ... Does Slenderman Like me?

Jessica: Hmmmm... I think your his master.

Me: Exuse me?

Jessica: Well you did collect all of his pages right?

Me: Well... yea...

Jessica: So your his master...

Me: Oh... "sees a slendytubby on the bathroom dresser" Uhhhh... What is that?

Jessica: ... My doll...

Me: "stares at it" ...

The End

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