Slenderman ParodyMature

It's just me trying to get used to the family of Slenderrman.

So I was too lazy to write the movie of the prologue... so I skipped over it and decided to include it in another chapter or story... don't judge me...
So Slendergirl is Jessica which is Slenderman's Daughter along With Marcy which is the young one. Slenderman's real name is Stephan and his sister Slenderwoman is named Stephanie. That witch girl from Dream of The Blood Moon(If you don't know it look it up) is named Arrieta and is the wife of Slenderman... Jessica is 87(14) in slender years or something but she's still a teen, Marcy is 20(5) in Slender, Stephan is 8,764(35) in Slender, Stephanie is 7,987(33) in Slender, Arrieta is 8,910(30) in Slender, And im 15

So It started off with me waking up in the forest and stuff. I found 3 pages and one of them had a picture of Slenderman and his two daughters and it said "The girls of the faceless father"... So I looked and searched as I grew suspicious for the next page and I saw that Jessica was behind me. I stared at her for a breif moment and realized that in her eyeless eyes was that she never had any actual love foreal besides the love she got from her family. So I decided to get in her head telling her that I love her alot so that she can hesitate on trying to kill me... It was hard because we didn't know each other and she was assuming that I wanted her for her body, for sex(She's called Slendergirl for a reason), But i somehow made it work... barely... So we got in an argument on why I loved her and then the shy girl Marcy who is 4ft tall came forward from behind a tree. She was surprisingly innocent for some odd reason... maybe because she's young? I dunno... But they both was gonna kil me either way but they decided not to... I saw Slenderman running after me causing me to jump like hell and run off... He caught me and we got in a fight... So I was sort of getting my butt kicked but i was also dodging and blocking alot of times... He dropped kicked the hell out of me but i survived which caused everyone to grow shocked because no regular human has ever survived that attack from him... So as time flew by I made my way of being a challenge to him because somehow I was really hard to defeat... I Knocked one good punch on him and that made me sort of earn respect... so he let me live(THANK GOD!).. At this moment forward I decided to stay with them for a little bit... He wouldn't mind... I think... I met everybody and I fought with Stephanie so she could see if I was capable of living here although I just wanted to stay for the weekend... screw it...

{It begins with me walking around the forest without a flashlight}
"Me: So I didn't die... What did God do to me?...
Jessica: "appears in front of me" Hey weirdo.
Me: -_-... Hey... hows it going?
Jessica: Bored... So I decided to chase you.
Me: ...What!? Why?!
Jessica: 10...9...8
Me: DAMMIT LOVE! "runs off fast leaving a trail of smoke as my arms flap everywhere"
Stephanie: So about this Julius guy.
Stephan: Hm? "looks at her"
Stephanie: Is he some sort of super powered human?
Stephan: I don't know. Why are you asking me like I know?
Me: "jumps inside crashing through the window and gets up running off like shaggy and scooby-doo"
Stephan: The hell?/p
Stephanie: Im guessing that she's introducing him to death tag.
Stephan: It appears so.
Jessica: "climbs in through the window" Hi Dad. "walks off" Bye Dad.
Me: "runs in Marcy's room and shuts the door then locks it breathing hard with my back sliding down the door"
Mary: Uhm... Why are you in my room?... Is Jessica introducing you to death tag?
Me: Of course it's called death tag... yes...
Marcy: "jumps off her bed and helps me up" Well I wish I could help.
Me: Keep me in here
Marcy: That won't help.
Me: Ugh!
Marcy: "blushes" Sorry...
Me: It's cool It's cool... I guess I better be off... "jumps out the window"
Marcy: He could've just used my back door...
Me: "parkours through the forest" I don't even know how to parkour... "slips off a tree crashing into the ground"
Jessica: "appears in front of me and scratches all blood out of my face" I win.
Me: It's hurts so bad that I can't even scream...
Jessica: Well, if your gonna be my boyfriend you better get used to it.
Me: Of course. I will eyeless girl that looks like a model..."gets up and vanishes"
Jessica: He can transport?/p
Me: "appears in Marcy's room"
Marcy: I see that she got you.
Me: "blood drips down my face" -_- Yep.. How come you don't do this stuff?
Marcy: I dunno... It's not fun to me I guess...
Me: Ah. "lays on her bed breathing through my mouth"
Marcy: You can sleep here if you want./p
Me: Your allowing me to sleep in your bed?
Marcy: "blushes" Not like... "looks away" That... or anything.
Me: You look like a human... just without eyes... you have a nose, mouth, ears, and you body is shaped like ours... Your skin is gray and you have big claws...
Marcy: Th-thank you?
Me: "rubs her head" Your welcome little sister.
Marcy: "blushes"
Stephan: "kicks the door open" THE HELL YA'LL DOING!?
{Me and Marcy both scream}/p
Marcy: "blushing" N-NOTHING! NOTHING AT ALL!
Me: "hides behind her" PROTECT ME! I DON'T WANNA DIE!
Stephan: "chuckles" Im just joking around.
Me: Yes, but you got that high mixed with deep tone in your voice... Thats scary as hell.
Stephan: Oh, You will get used to it.
Me: I hope so...
Stephan: And by the way, Jeff and Jane the killer is coming over...
Me: i played their game...
Stephan: Good. Im off to cook. "puts on a chef hat and walks off"
Me:... sooo... what you wanna do?
Marcy: I dunno..
Me: Don't you have your own game on the computer?
Marcy: Yes. You wanna play?
Me: Sure! Where's the computer?
Marcy: I'm talking about foreal...
Me: oh... uhhhhhhhh.
Marcy: Don't worry. I wont kill you. It'll be like a game of tag...
Me: Ok, I guess...
Marcy: "smiles" Run Forest Run... I'll be waiting. The keys are already spreaded across the forest...
Me: "gets up" Alright... Im off then... "jumps out the window"
Marcy: "blinks twice" Why does he do that?

The End

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