This is a DreamMature

They sat beneath the cherry blossom tree, side by side, staring off into the endless black abyss in total silence.  Occasionally a flower would start its descent from above them, and the teenagers would observe it performing dozens of aerial stunts before resting on the ground.

After what seemed like several minutes, Jerome spoke.

"I never expected you to be this calm."  He said, playing with his fingers.

Avery turned her head in his direction.  "When am I ever not calm?"

Jerome jerked his entire body to face her, with anger in his eyes.  "These aren't normal circumstances, Ave."  He snapped.

At this point, Avery was very confused.  She had never seen Jerome mad before, in their entire twelve years together.  It was worrisome to say the least.  "Jerome...  I see you all the time.  I've dreamed about you at least every week since the accident..."  She looked down, unsure of herself.  "I've gotten over the shock value of this, to be honest."

When Avery looked back up, Jerome's expression was one of incredulity.  His mouth was open, and his eyes were almost just as wide.  "You..."  He swallowed, audibly, and rested his head in his hands, exasperated.

"What?"  Avery asked, just as incredulous.  "What the hell is wrong with you?  You're never like this!"

Jerome lifted his head up and stared back at the nonexistent horizon.  The pain in his eyes was back again, stronger than before.  

A minute passed, with no words.

Then, Jerome spoke up once more.  "You don't remember?"  He sighed and shook his head.  "That is going to make this a lot harder..."

"Remember what?"  Avery was almost yelling, now.  "What is going to be 'a lot harder?'  Tell me right now, Jerome."

He looked at her.  "Avery, you killed yourself half an hour ago."

Another rosebud took a tumble towards the blank slate that was the earth.

The End

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