A Hidden Agenda

There was a league of witches who controlled the amount of magic in the land, and within that league, tribes, governing different aspects of life. When the Witch of Balance was little, she always assumed she would be accepted into the Evanelle Tribe of witches who governed healthy relationships, like her mother. 

However, for whatever reason, she was rejected, and her mother refused to even consider a re-vote. The Witch of Balance, or Agatha, was then forced to enter the Distoria Tribe, who goverened chaos. She was sixteen then, as were all young witches who were of age, ready to be selected into tribes.

Agatha never saw her mother again.

After years of experience in Distoria, Agatha began to realize this was probably what she was born to do. There was no denying the certain pleasures she got when the tribe passed a curse (a curse can only be issued by a witch when the entire tribe has given consent, unless it's dealing with personal issues, in which case the witch would have to find away to repay her "Debt", which usually meant doing something she would rather not).

Agatha was considered an Attatched Witch. It meant that her powers were almost useless unless another curse had been cast by another witch, or a life changing situation had happened to the subjects in question. But Agatha's power was also considered powerful, because she had the ability to mirror any witch's power, no matter how rare, no matter how complicated.

Agatha was forty now. It had been just over twenty years since she dealt her last Balance Curse, and she was bored. The rest of the tribe were raising hell perfectly fine without her, but she could care less. She had a daughter now, Panette, who had just turned fourteen, and she was the most beautiful being Agatha had seen in her life (keep in mind that Agatha lived with witches who had the ability to alter their own appearances so they were more pleasing, and Panette was a hundred percent natural). Panette was a recent gift to Agatha for her services twenty years ago. Since then, Agatha has drifted away from witchcraft, and began focusing more and more on motherhood, because every time Agatha looked into Panette's eyes, she saw her own mother, who had abandoned her to fend for herself. And her loathing and self-doubt bubbled up within her again, rising up into her chest and nesting in it. She decided she would never leave Panette to such a destiny, in fact, she would erase all of Panette's powers. She would live as a normal human girl.

No. She would live as a princess.

Agatha had no authority within the tribe to make such a thing happen. Her own witchcraft was too simple. She needed something else, someone else, and an outside force.

So she pulled Miria, Witch of Slumber, aside one day, and asked her for a favour.

"Remember the royal family you cursed twenty years ago?" she asked.

Miria nodded. How could she forget. Out of all the witches of the Distoria tribe, she was the only who was capable of feeling sympathy, and she mourned for that family. Even though nothing happened for seventeen years, the results devastated not just the household, but the entire land.

"I returned the curse on the royal family that originally requested your magic," Agatha continued. "They had a baby boy at the time. Do you remember him?"

"The little Prince, of course," Miria murmured solemnly.

"If he comes to look for you, you must send him to me," Agatha said. "Think of it as returning your Debt."

Miria's eyes grew wide. She opened her mouth, a question on her lips. Agatha waited patiently with poison in her eyes, and Miria looked down, suddenly ashamed.

"Of course," Mirira replied respectfully. "Consider it done."

The End

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