Born to Sleep

There is one question that drives mankind to survive to which there are no definitive answers: What is our purpose in life?

The unlucky ones go through their entire lives without finding an answer. Prince Cassis of , on the other hand, knew exactly what he was meant to do since he was about three years old, because it took him that long to figure out that nobody ever fell asleep when he was around. In fact, he himself never fell asleep, and would wake anyone who had been getting some shut-eye the moment he walked within five metres of them, no matter how little noise he was making.

Cassis decided that it was his destiny to fall asleep, and as soon as he was able to ride a horse (unfortunately at the age of twenty, because of his fear of animals standing on four legs) he set out on a lonesome journey, avoiding villages at night; only passing through during the day.

He met a variety of witches, witch doctors, herbalists, gypsies and even a physician, but nobody was able to help him. He even went to an excorcist with the vague hope that he was possessed by some restless spirit, but to no avail. The one thing that he wanted the most was the one thing that he could not have. Sleep.

When Cassis heard about Teress and her mythical powers, he was obviously intrigued. All the villagers nearby warned him against going not because of Teress' deadly curse, but because so many men were piled into that bedchamber that the floor was in danger of caving in.

Cassis had no fear. His dream (ha ha) was now closer than ever. He charged into Teress' sleeping quarters (now the sleeping quarters of many others) with a racing heart (and a lasso, just in case the floor did give in).

For a second, nothing happened, then Cassis' eyelids fluttered, and he fell over, rather elegantly; asleep before he hit the floor.

Just as Cassis gave one last twitch of consciousness at Teress' door, the princes finally opened her eyes with a gasp, and sat up, looking around, dazed to find that everything she saw was actually not a dream, however puzzling the sight might be. Cassis' presence had lifted her curse.

Teress sat in her bed for a while, still disoriented from her age old nap. She moved only when she discovered that she was sharing the bed with several men that were drooling over her sheets.

No sooner had she gotten a couple of steps from the room did she begin to feel drowsy again. Panicking, Teress returned to the room. She ventured to all the corners, and finally pinpointed the exact location where her wakefullness was coming from.

Helplessly, Teress pushed Cassis to a sitting position, then dragged him by his armpits to the door, where his horse was waiting patiently with all his supplies. Using the string she found around his belt, she pulled him up onto the horse and started on her journey to find her purpose in life, slightly bitter that she had to take care of a sleeping stranger as she did so.

The End

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