Time Flies

He opened the door of the computer laboratory to a cacophony. The forecasters were sitting around a table in vehement discussion. Screams and shouts bounced back and forth across the table.

            “He’s not actually going to do it. Teenagers always say they’re going to do crazy things. Makes them feel tough.”

            “Are you kidding me? Did you see how many tattoos that guy had? I wouldn’t blow him off. He looks dangerous.”

            “Tonight’s his grandma’s 95th birthday, Max isn’t going anywhere with that hoodlum. Would you all just calm down?”

            “I’ll tell you what he’s going to do, he’s going to help Mr. Deadbeat rob that store and be back in time for tea with grandma, and when it’s done, he’s going to go right back out with his friend to sort it all out, and I’m going to be a zombie for the next 48 hours. And we only have enough coffee left for the men on the hands.”

            “Come on, Max is harmless. The worst thing he’s ever done is set a pile of leaves on fire.”

            “The flames nearly licked the face of this watch.”

            “How was he supposed to know?”

            The door slammed shut. Everyone turned to see Tractus in front of the door with a murderous look on his face. The room went silent.

            “I don’t care if this alarm is as phony as a three dollar bill. There’s a possibility that Max may be checking his watch every half hour. That’s all I need to know. Get the men on the hands.”   

The End

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