Sleeping beauty with a twist...

This is the first half of a short story i wrote about sleeping beauty with quite a few twists. Please comment (by the way it isnt finished.)

Once under a dream in a land very close lived a girl who was the ugliest thing ever imaginable! Her hair was as yellow as a banana and her skin was so spotty she could have been mistaken for a leopard. All the beautiful maidens around wished for her charm, and all the cowardly prince’s craved for her ugliness. This girls name was Beauty because her parents had been fond of being sarcastic and in their day (many many years ago) it was fashionable to be beautiful, but no such story now…their daughter had set the fashion and now being beautiful was so last year and being ugly was so in! Now Beauty lived a life of solitude as she was to afraid to leave her house in case she were to be trampled by adoring fans. Beauty did not know that their was no one waiting at her door, she did not know that the flashes she saw were not that of camera’s but that of the sun through the trees…you see although everyone wanted her charm and craved her ugliness they were far to busy chasing after Brad Pitt to think of her (for boys prettiness was in and beards were out!)

Beauty was very fond of looking at her reflection in the mirror and often that would be all she ever did or thought of! Beauty wasn’t like anyone else…she didn’t play or sing or dance…all she would do was sit in front of her mirror and count her spots. One day when she was doing exactly this she was disturbed by a crash and a boom which seemed to be coming from the main hall. She strode to the hall and there in a cloud of smoke stood her evil godmother “Oh evil godmum leave of the smoke its ever so bad for your lungs!” Coughed Beauty “Mwahahahahahaha!” Screamed the evil godmum “Oh godmum please do stop laughing like that its ever so annoying!” Beauty sighed “MWAHAHAHAHA!” Evil godmum screamed again… deciding reasoning with someone like her was no use Beauty went back to her room to admire her spots where she heard her father saying…”Oh mother I told you no evil appearances your meant to use the front door…and please leave you may scare the children!” she also heard the godmum laughing again and guessed by the Poof that was heard next that she had finally vanished.                                                                                                                                      

Beauty wasn’t exactly what you could call clever, she was more of a thick girl, she wouldn’t understand what could hurt someone and what would just pass over as nothing important. So she didn’t realise that evil god mum was not at all pleased at being sent away and shouted at as if she had no authority, she didn’t realise that being so sent away in such unfashionable terms my cause a grudge that would not be easy to cure. And she was very much astounded when she heard again a puff of smoke and numerous MWAHAHAHA’s coming again from the great hall. Now she was cross as this had made her lose count of her spots and she raged into the great hall “EVIL GODMUM GO AWAAAAAA!” she stopped suddenly as she looked at the unpleasant look on her evil godmothers face… It was small and pinched up like she had just smelt something bad and her eyes were flashing with evilness.

“There’s no where to run
Nowhere to hide
You got no escape
And with you Woe shall abide
You thought you could send me away
You thought I would bear it and be tender
But now to a deep sleep you must ENTER

Screeched the evil godmother as she pointed her stick and Beauty thumped in the most ungraceful manor possible onto the hard stone floor. But this did not seem to satisfy evil god mum she thought it was not exactly a fit punishment just to go to sleep she then whispered these words….

“Sleep is not all
There is one more thing that to you shall befall
You will be turned normally beautiful
 to match you name
And you will lose your long loved fame
You will turn plain
and stay that way
Until a pretty prince doth make you awake!”

She waved her stick around wildly and Beauty suddenly began to change…her yellow her became gold, her eyes became blue, her spots went away and her figure slimed down a bit. Nowadays one would call her beautiful but then to look as she did was the biggest horror that could befall anyone.

The End

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