Sleeping Beauty

[ Canon: ] NBC's Heroes
[ Characters: ] Elle Bishop/Mohinder Suresh
[ Rating: ] PG? (Contains kissing and cuddling)
[ Summary: ] A sweet, fluffy, short story where Elle enjoys waking Mohinder up in a creative manner.

A faint beam of light came to rest on Elle’s eyelids, causing her to stir, yawning and stretching her arms out around the naked body beside her before bringing them in to wrap around it in a cat-like manner. Eyes still closed and with a Cheshire grin, her cheek nuzzled against his broad chest a minute as she inhaled, cherishing the moment and taking in his scent. His cologne provided the sweet, leathery part that was almost overridden by the familiar smell of chai that always seemed to surround him.

“Mmm?” she quietly hummed as she glanced up at him, wondering if he’d woken up yet. Upon confirming his eyelids were still very much closed, she leaned up to whisper, “Love you, my adorable pet,” before taking the time to admire his features, from his soft, dark curls down to the little dip at his collarbone. She couldn’t help reaching up and lightly rubbing along it with her index finger. Nice and smooth. But no, that was not enough for Elle as she now found herself leaning in to run her tongue along it. At that, Mohinder twitched a little, causing Elle to freeze, tongue still on his skin, as if she was a burglar caught in the act of stealing a precious gem… or more accurately, licking a famous painting.

Without moving her head, eyes darted up to watch him through long, blonde lashes. After she was certain he was still asleep, she peppered little butterfly kisses along his neck until she reached his chin, where she then went along his jawline, pressing her lips lightly at his stubble there. Really, she could have done this all morning. Once she got around to his ear, she nibbled on his earlobe while giving a quiet purring noise.

Still, he did not wake up. Elle leaned back on the pillow and gave his sleeping form a confused, pouty expression. He must have been really tired because she’d never seen him sleep this soundly before. Reaching a hand out, she slowly combed fingers through his curls, stopping to rest her hand at his neck and twirl a dark lock between her fingers. As she did, she began to dramatically yet quietly sing, “I could stay awake just to hear you breathing…“ But once her eyes locked onto his lips, she got another idea.

She leaned in again, this time pressing her lips to his and, going for the fairy tale effect of awakening him with a kiss, added in a little spark of electricity for extra measure. After a predicted, startled jump from Mohinder, she felt his lips press back, returning the kiss while the warmth of his strong arms wrapped around her, pulling her body against his and causing her to feel protected and safe. “Mmm,” she hummed into his mouth.

After the kiss was over, she tapped her nose to his before informing him, “You are a very heavy sleeper, mister. I could have stolen a kidney and you wouldn’t have noticed.” Leave it to Elle to bring up a conversation about black market body parts before breakfast.

Mohinder gave an unamused expression, one that Elle had witnessed many times before. He went to open his mouth to probably correct her, stating he would indeed have woken up if she had sliced into him blah blah blah, it was scientifically impossible to sleep through that unless one was drugged blah blah… But instead, he smiled sweetly as he leaned in to whisper, “Love you too, my adorable master. I must say, I almost lost it when you began to sing.”

…And now it was Elle’s turn to give Mohinder an unamused look, rolling her blue eyes before leaning in to steal another kiss.

The End

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