Sleeping Beauty

I looked around, surveying my work. Although my work here was finished, the rest of my project had just begun. No one was safe. There was nowhere to hide from my army. My army couldn’t be seen. It couldn’t be stopped.

I looked around my lab again at the still bodies lying around, then looked back at the trigger in my hand. One touch would be all it took to end the current war and prevent another one from happening. One touch would be all it took for my wildest dreams to come true, for the earth to be mine and mine alone.

Just one touch.

My decision having been made ever since I started this project, I pulled the trigger. Nothing was felt. Nothing was seen.

I smiled.

That was exactly how it was supposed to be.

A microscopic army was now in motion and could not be stopped. I alone had the antidote to the sickness that I had created, and there was only one other person that I had secretly given a dose to, my lab aid, Philip.

Together, we would take the world without spilling a single drop of blood and watering the already dripping earth. Enough blood has been spilled already, which is why Philip and I aren’t in the army.

We’re fighting this war our way.

Welcome to biological warfare.

The End

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