Sleep While I Do

A vision come true

They say life is unkind.  You don't see it that way until...

I haven't seen a thing since that day.   I think perhaps, I don't want to.  Every now and then, there is an intrusion, but I stop it.  My nose bleeds quite often.  My head throbs non stop.  Still, that's better than seeing.

Don't know how I missed it, don't understand why I couldn't have helped, but it was like a news story.  It was as if someone was reporting the event, so I was lulled, I was blinded, I couldn't read it.

In retrospect, something blocked it, and I believe, it was supposed to happen that way.  In-fact, I know it had to be that way.  You walked out just before it happened.  I called out to you, but you had walked out.   If I had been able to pull myself away, if I had been able to close out the sound and sight, maybe I could have intervened.  Then again, it happened the way it was supposed to.  At times, I still question it.

Many nights I watched you sleep.  Many nights you drew the breath from me, my orgasms so strong, my tears were barely able to escape my lids.  You would leave our bed and in your place there would be feathers.  It was absurd
, and I would chide myself for being silly.  I wasn't being silly though, was I?

I hope with all my heart that you didn't suffer.  When I watched it unfold, the car crushed and almost invisible under the massive boulder, I felt a pain in my heart.  Since then, I have been empty. 

Now,  this may sound funny, but I find crystal tears on your pillow, and I know you are crying.  I'm sorry baby,  I cry too, my tears soaking into the soft pillow.

Your tears I have collected.  They sit next to my bed, glowing a soft warm gold when I think of you.  I knew when we first met you would be here with me only for a little while and though I am sad,  I am also grateful.  Tell God, thank you, thank you for sending you to me.  We had eons of happiness in a short period of time, something others never experience.

Stop crying, sleep now while I do, I say a little prayer for you.

The End

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