Sleep awake and me

Sleeping tale poem

I needed sleep but was still up Sleep was not stronger then awake I was disappointed in sleep And felt let down and betrayed by awake There were some moments sleep seemed to win ‘But it still was not strong enough Awake was only a bit distracted by the attacks Which made me fuzzy, dizzy And made my head bumped at the wall I disliked sleep cause of it,it hurt And tried to feel awake But that was wrong I should encourage sleep And neglect awake There I was, with the three of us in bed Nothing happened Half awake half asleep I got bored and decided to dive into That state of mind Lucky me It was beautiful Full of thoughts and visuals, no dreams Experiences I saw some friends ‘My kids were there all the time Except when I got laid With an unknown guy Who was very attractive We went to the ocean Went swimming in the sea I had a car, a nice livingroom All of me Colours were bright Sometimes gone And everything turned white then Bright It took a while, I loved it It was like real Completely different Then how I feel When dreaming But then awake Pulled me out of it To tell me he was tired now Wanted to sleep Like sleep Like me, no should be So the three of us Now peacefully together into the dark And we became one. Me.
The End

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