A Chirping In Your Ear HoleMature

Frank is an ordinary guy who encounters an extraordinary otherworldly being bent on tearing his psyche to shreds.

Through words. Through carefully chosen, offside comments.

You know, it's funny.  I can still remember the first time I saw that cocksucker.  The sky was overcast, the air a bit sticky.  I felt this irritating needling of my subconscious, then - I had a friend.

"Your fiance's been philandering all around town.  With those snazzily dressed bartenders at Chuck's.  With your fat, diabetic boss."  There was a pause, as I turned, glimpsing an image of a tall man dressed in a dingy, nondescript black suit.  Obviously plucked from the rack at some second-hand clothing store.

At first I was taken aback.  Who was this fucker? I thought, stopping cold and stiff.  "Excuse me, asshole?  What the fuck did you just say?"

As if somehow paralyzed, I stood there, defenseless, as he leaned forward, coming almost nose-to-nose with me, without ever touching.  It was at this point that I realized I'd not yet seen the man's face.  It was as though I'd just left the pub, I felt slightly intoxicated, and very, very distracted.  I tried to focus on the features of the man's face, but couldn't. 

Now, inches away from whoever the fuck he was, I wanted nothing more than to give him a shove back over the embankment and laugh as he slopped about in the muck, taught a serious goddam lesson.

"With those prickly bastards down by the Docks."  He paused, letting something foreign burrow into my deeper psyche - a fleeting thought.

- I thought you said you were done with him, Lara?

- I was...

- Then what - WHAT?

- We were going through tough times.  You weren't home.  It's totally different now, don't you see?  The job was ruining you!

Seconds later, I snapped out of whatever nightmarish daydream had momentarily seized me.  I stood alone. 

"I'll be seeing you, Frank. 

"The Slander Man's got lots more truths to come."

The End

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