Dust waited in fear. It was getting dark, and in darkness, things crept along so silently that one would only notice them when it was too late. Dust hid under the shelter of a large and foreign object that fell from the sky, ready for anything that might attack. Dust's nerves were on edge. It was bad enough that he had to fight for his survival, and now this new thing drops in. There was no telling what troubles it might bring. 

Dust was examining the surface of the monstrous and oddly shaped asteroid when he heard a noise. The noise was unfamiliar and as alien as the asteroid. Dust did not dare venture out of his hiding place, but as the noise got louder, he could see movement. Slowly making its way across Dust's window of vision was a large boxy shape, whirring and roaring. Curiosity getting the better of little Dust, he slowly inched out, following the alien around the side of the asteroid. 

The alien did not seem to take notice of Dust, so he inched closer, careful to not make a sound. In the soft blue light of the far stars, Dust noticed the changing shape of its shadows as it rolled along the uneven ground, crushing rocks in its path. As dust took notice of this, another sound mingled with the roaring and crunching and whirring. A high pitched beeping noise sounded and a light began to appear from the asteroid. Dust watched in awe as the asteroid began to transform itself, opening up its lighted core for the alien creature to enter. 

Dust did not waste time. His curiosity could not be ignored. With a flash of energy, the little silver creature rolled quickly through the closing gate and imitated the closest thing he could identify himself as. The box was not particularly strange, but it's shape was so perfect and symmetrical, that although it shimmered metallic, it still seemed foreign. Dust collected himself and waited, watching the strange new place he entered. Finally, after studying the small lights, the multitude of metallic yet static objects, the strange noises, Dust decided he wasn't in an asteroid after all. 

Suddenly there was another noise that caught Dust by so much surprise, his newly mimicked form nearly faltered. A smooth rumbling reached Dust, fluctuating and dipping in between sound waves, cut off and then repeated in such an unpredictable manner that he thought surely it was the noise of a celestial wind. What vision followed the noise was something even more astonishing.

The creatures were discolored. They moved along on two rods, smoothly transferring weight from one to the other, swinging two other rods with a balanced ease. On the top of their deformed bodies an oblong sphere rested, all sorts of moving, colored pieces somehow attached to it. The noise they were making seemed to come from the most animated part of their crown piece. Dust was filled with curiosity and excitement. These alien creatures were surely from the stars. Were did they come from? Were there more?

Dust simply watched in silence as one creature interacted with the other resting on the boxy alien Dust had followed. They exchanged some sort of treaty it seemed, for they were not fighting. Dust wondered if they were friendly creatures. As these thoughts circulated through Dust's boxy shape, the creatures then began to leave. What was happening? Where were they going? Before Dust could answer these questions, they disappeared behind another solid wall, and Dust was left to himself in the large and unfamiliar room.

The End

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