Two Eyes OldMature

All seven of the General's eyes were fixed on the monitor when Xiyu entered the control room.

"You summoned me, sir?"

"Yes, young one.  I have a mission for you."

"For me?" Xiyu squeaked.  "But I have no experience, sir! Barely any training!" He pointed at his own face.  "I'm only two eyes old!"

The General chuckled.  "Your third will be coming in shortly.  But your youth will be advantageous to you on this particular assignment.  Look," he ordered, gesturing to the monitor in front of him.

"Is that a...frigate, sir?"

"Yes," replied the General.  "But it isn't of these parts.  You can tell by the bulkiness of its engines.  It has entered our territory without permission."

"Oh.  Do we know what species built it, sir?"

"They call themselves 'humans'.  They are less technologically advanced than we are, but they still could pose a threat.  I need to determine their motivations, Cadet Xiyu." He smiled wryly.  "That's where you come in."

Xiyu was still befuddled.  "But why me?"

"Because you have only two eyes, Cadet.  Only slight modifications would be necessary to make you appear human."

"You want me to slip on board and spy on them, sir?"

"Exactly, young one.  It appears that they intend to land on Thulisu, the planet that they call 'Slag-9.'  They are," the General sighed, "a species greatly lacking in eloquence."  He paused and diverted three of his eyes from the monitor.  "You will be given equipment and instructions before you are sent to Thulisu, of course.  Make contact with them when they land and convince them to take you in.  That is all.  You are dismissed."

"Yes, sir."  Xiyu bowed and began to walk for the door.

"And Cadet," the General added after a moment.

"Yes, sir?"

"Good luck."

The End

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