Parent's funeral

Funeral speaker" We are gathered here today for the funeral of three important people's lives these are Marcus Sinclair, Emora and Valer Astbury"

Funeral Speaker" Let us all remeber the good times and how they touched all our lives until they sadly passed away"

Funeral Speaker" If anyone would like to say a few words do so now"

Kate" I would like to say a few words"

Ryan" I would also like to say a few words but I will let Kate go first"

Funeral Speaker" Vey well you may proceed"

Kate" Thank you as you all know my dad Marcus Sinclair was not only a doctor but a brillaint man that was kind and caring to everyone he meets"

Kate" If it wasn't for him I would of never met my boyfirend;s family and that is something I can never thank him enough for and for lookin after me all my life"

Kate" I love you Dad and I will miss you to my dad Marcus Sinclair"

Crowd gatherd round the funeral" To Marcus Sinclair"

Kate moved down off the stage crying every step of the way. Ryan took to the stage as soon as she left as he wanted to get his speech done.

Ryan" Thank you all for coming to not only my parent's funeral but my girlfriend's dad's funeral"

Ryan" My parents were not only the people that raised me but also were my role models I know for a fact I would never be half the man I am today without them"

Ryan" I can never thank my parents enoguh for everything they did for me and taught me about how the world works to Emora and Valer Astbury"

Crowd gathered around the funeral" To Emora and Valer Astbury"

Funeral Speaker walked to the coffins and started to sprinkle the earth onto the coffins as he did so he said these words.

Funeral Speaker" Ashes to ashes, dust to dust may they forever rest in peace"

Funeral Speaker" That ends the funeral serive thank you everyone for coming and for Ryan and Kate for being so brave"

Ryan adn Kate" Thank you everyone"

Everyone that gathered for he funeral all departed back home to reflect on what words ad been told to them at the funeral service. However Ryan and Kate stayed for a couple of minutes after everyone left as they both wanted to say one last goodbye before they went home.

Ryan" Goodbye Mum and Dad rest in peace"

Kate" Goodbye Dad an I hope you find mum in heaven may you rest in peace together"

With their final words Kate and Ryan left the funeral hand in hand.



The End

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