Revealing the Soul Shattering News

Ryan arrived back at the aid house but it spiralled again and again in his mind on how was he suppose to break this soul shattering news to his loved one.

 Espically now he was confronted with her with those gleaming, happy, full of live and happiness eyes. However his thoughts were suddenly interrupted.

Kate" Ryan are you ok?"

Ryan stared at his loved one and he knew that he had no way out of this he had to break the news to her.

Ryan" No I am not alright as while I was gathering essentails for you the courier found me"

Kate" Oh I see and I am guessing the news he brought you was awfuL"

Ryan" Yes as I am so sorry but here goes both my parents and your farther passed away this morning"

Kate" They die...d"

Ryan grabbed hold of kate in his warm, loving, soothing and protecting embrace as he knew that she would breakdown else. He wanted more then anything to take away the pain that she was suffering from but there was nothing he could do and it angered him and made him feel useless.

Kate and Ryan mourned their parents each and everyday for the next three days while Kate was healing as it made them both feel better and that they were honouring their memeories.

Three days passed and Kate was finally relased from the aid center. Realsed. To do anything her heart desired so Ryan and Kate decided today was the day for thier parent's funeral together.


The End

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