The News of Sorrow

Ryan Astbury.

Ryan" Oh yes what is it?"

Bradon" It's Kate I have finished treating her now you can go in"

Ryan" Oh right thanks for letting me know and sorry about that I was day dreaming for a second"

Bradon" That's alright and the treatment went successfully she will be healed in three days"

Ryan" I am pleased and thank you for all your help"

Brandon" You are more then welcome"

Ryan rushed into the medical room that Kate was recovering in.

Ryan" Kate how do you feel?"

Kate" Much better  thanks for asking the antibiotics are slowly repairing my skin"

Ryan" I am pleased to hear that I am going to go to your house and collect some things for you while you stay at the aid center"

Kate" Ok thank you I would really apperciate that"

Ryan" I knew you would and ok I won't be long"

Kate" Ok see you soon"

Ryan and Kate kissed each other deeply and with a passion that would make anyone single jealous with envy of the happiness that they both shared and with that Ryan was off to grab some suppiles for Kate.

Kate didn't live far from the aid center so it only took him 20 minutes to get there and he was in the middle of grabbing stuff for Kate when there was a knock on the door.

Ryan decided it would be best to answer it so he opened the door carefully.

There standing outside was the courier waiting to deliver his news to whoever he was talking to as that was his lifetime job.

Ryan" Courier what message do you bring for me today?"

Courier" Ryan I didn't except to see you here"

Ryan" Oh yes as this isn't my home I am grabbing som supplies for Kate as she is staying in the aid center for three days"

Courier" Oh right well I am pleased it is nothing fatal give her my best wishe would you"

Ryan" Oh course and thank you for wishing her well"

Courier" Abyway the news I have to bring isn't good I am afraid while you and Kate were away on your adventure both your parents and Kate's farther passed away"


Courier" This morning I am sorry for your loss"

Ryan" Thank you and thank you for informing me I will let Kate know"

Courier"Of course I am terribly sorry to bring you such bad news have a good day sir goodbye"

Ryan" I hope you have a good day too and please arrange the funeral for three days time   goodbye"

Ryan walked in sorrow back with the bag full of essentails Kate needs for the next three days.



The End

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