Home Sweet Home

Luickly Ryan and Kate made it back home before Kate's injures became severe.

Ryan" My love we are back home and you will be in professional hands"

Kate" Thank you my love and I know see I told you not to worry about me"

With that Ryan gentley lifted Kate off the horse and carried her to the aid center. Ryan ran to the reception and demanded that he seek someone to heal his soul mate asap and with that the young women found a doctor to tend to Kate's wounds.

Doctor" My name is Brandon Rose what can I do for you today?"

Ryan" Doctor Brandon my girlfriend got into an accident and she has wounds across her body"

Brandon" Ok I will take a look at that now"

Brandon carefully lifted Kate's shirt up as he wanted to ensure he caused her the least amount of pain humanly possible.

Bradon" I see these are some good wounds but I have just the medince to cure them"

Ryan" Really oh thank you doctor"

Brandon" No problem but it will mean that Kate will have to stay here for a few days until it heals"

Kate" That's no problem as long as I am cured"

Brandon You will be by then"

Ryan" Then it is settled and I will stay here to keep you company"

Kate" Thank you that would mean the world to me"

Ryan"I know that  is why I am doing it and I want to"

Kate" Thank you and I can't believe we did it and it's all over now"

Ryan" Yes it does seem strange it is all over now but I am over filled with happiness that it is"

Kate" Yeah me too"

Brandon" Ok let's start the treatment are you ready Kate?"

Kate"I am ready Doctor"

With that the Kate was taken away into a quiet room to recieve her treatment. Ryan decided it would be best if he waited outside until the Doctor had finished so he could ensure he gives him space to work.




The End

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